Back to the grind! I’m so excited for Memorial Day Weekend…two 3-day weekends in a row, YAY!  Monday morning I got back to the usual yogurt mess. I missed this baby.


Lunchtime came around and I was dying for a frozen diddy and some veggies, but we had to go out for a client lunch. Can you be sick of restaurant food?! Because I seriously am!!! I thought my boss was going to order a bunch of plates for the table but luckily I got to order my own dish. I started with a bowl of lentil/vegetable soup and had a wrap stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, hummus and avocado, with some greens on the side. I ate everything minus dressing. It felt good to eat clean!

Late afternoon I slipped in some more fruits with a cinnamon apple.


After work, I came home for a little QT with Becky.  She is off to NYC for the Teaching Fellows program and to conquer the city, one DVF dress at a time! We are gonna miss you BECK-O!!!!

Before she came over, I had a quick and easy dinner of one serving TJ eggplant, one serving TJ whole wheat pasta, and some TJ string beans. This night brought to you by Trader Joe’s, geez!!!


Dessert with Becky was also sponsored by TJ apparently!  Have you ever tried these Caribbean popsicles? They have real coconut flakes in them and are AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend them 🙂


My Three Things for Monday all revolved around lunch…

  1. Skipped the bread & tapanade on the table
  2. Ordered mixed greens on the side instead of fries
  3. Ate lentil soup instead of my favorite, the crock of french onion soup. Yup, oven baked cheese and all!

Today I got to work a little early and settled in with everyone’s updates.  I feel like I have been out of the loop and am catching up with you all, is that weird?!?  Then I ate a yogurt mess…how bored are you guys every time I say that??


I brought dinner leftovers to have for lunch but my plans were thwarted with another meal out.  Our old intern was in the area so she stopped by for a visit and we went to the food court to grab some eats. Subway to the rescue! I had the usual turkey/veggie sandwich, with a side of good boy gossip.


Something about it was OFF though and it just did not sit well. I thought I would try to trick my tummy with something simple and delicious — a cinnapple and 10 mini pretzels.  It actually kind of helped!


Then around 3:30, my afternoon was interrupted by an EARTHQUAKE!  Why oh why does every California native have to say, “Well, the big one is coming,” every time there is a little shake???  It freaks me out big time!!!  Our building is one of the “taller” ones (14 floors, yes, that’s somewhat tall in my area of LA) so it’s been built to sway with the earth.  Yes, that’s as fun as it sounds.  After the earthquake, I made a cup of rooibos tea to calm my nerves. I still can’t get used to the buildings shaking and swaying under my feet, can you blame me?!? Oddly, it also made me insanely hot and I was basically sweating, which was v. attractive.  I also had a Fiber One bar for some pre-workout fuel.


FINALLY I got to the gym! In case you all haven’t noticed, I’ve been slacking off on the exercise front lately.  I changed into my workout clothes at the office for added motivation and ended up pulling off an hour on the elliptical doing intervals thanks to the song shuffling on my iPOD!

After an hour of grocery shopping (thank goodness I ate that Fiber One bar to tide me over!), I headed home to cook up dinner.  Tonight I had chicken, sweet potato cheetahs (of all shapes and sizes!), and a nice bowl of lemon pepper seasoned veggies. So filling and clean!! This is my new mantra 🙂



Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Switched my cereal yogurt mess blend to 1/4 cup Kashi Honey Almond Flax, 1/4 cup Heart to Heart rather than the usual 1/2 cup of higher-calorie Honey Al. Flax
  2. Picked up Subway instead of other fattier food court fare!
  3. No after-dinner snacking

Wow, it’s late…I need to GET TO BED! Night loves!


I’m out of my best yogurt supplies! B-fast today was a mess with the rest of my strawberries, half banana, some figgies & kashi.


For lunch, I started with a salad that was a duplicate of the one I ate last night. So easy to make two at once and eat one the next day!


I also dug into the remaining 6 inches from the sub I got yesterday. Usually these still taste great but the bread was SO SOGGY. Ick. So I just ate the turkey and some of the veggies and left the bread.


Instead of bread, I had some pretzels. More than this one cup to make up for my lack of carbolicious goodness 🙂


Of course, I was v. hungry by the end of work, so I ate the other half of my breakfast banana to help tide me over.


Still not enough! I ended up skipping the gym and went home for an early dinner. I started with frozen edamame.


Then came a gorgeous, crispy slice of red pepper!


I also rolled out the last piece of my pizza dough from Friday. I got 3 meals out of this recipe!  I topped the honey whole wheat crust with grape tomatoes, mushrooms, goat cheese, rosemary and sea salt.


After dinner, I decided to try Yogurt Stop for some froyo! I got chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla bean. I always choose chocolate over vanilla, but this vanilla bean was awesome!!  Mango and rainbow sprinkles were the perfect toppings, plus a cube of red velvet (which surprisingly wasn’t that good, weird…).


Okay, does anyone else think this is the most random frozen yogurt logo ever?! Welcome to Hollywood!


Right now I am stuffed to the max and watching the last five minutes of TBL…freaking!!!! How cute was Mike talking with his brother, by the way??

And now, for my exciting food news!!!  Foodbuzz sent out an email last week annoucing that they have again partnered with Pebble Beach Food & Wine and are sending 8 featured publishers to the Lexus Grand Tasting Event. To enter, you had to fill out a form and answer a few quick essay questions, and then Foodbuzz selected based on proposed coverage creativity and enthusiasm for the event! Well, apparently I am very enthusiastic about food & wine (duh, who isn’t??) because I am getting to attend the Tasting Event this weekend!!

Here are some more details from Foodbuzz:

Lexus Grand Tasting at Pebble Beach Food & Wine is the most spectacular opportunity to enjoy over 300 wines from 200 of the world’s most prestigious wineries.  This is a must-do experience for anyone who loves food and wine.

Guests will have an unprecedented chance to interact with 24 of the weekend’s participating chefs.  Saturday’s line-up includes Chris Cosentino of Incanto and Boccalone in San Francisco; Mark Estee of Moody’s Bistro in Lake Tahoe; Dean Fearing of Dean Fearing’s at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Dallas; Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park in New York City; Jean Joho of Everest in Chicago; Christopher Kostow of Meadowood in Napa Valley; David Pasternack of Esca in New York City; Cindy Pawlcyn of Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen and Mustard’s Grill in Napa Valley; Roy Yamaguchi of Roy’s; and Sherry Yard, Pastry Chef of Spago and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide. Sunday’s line-up includes: Traci Des Jardin of Jardiniere in San Francisco; Bill Corbett, Pastry Chef at MICHAEL MINA in San Francisco; David Kinch of Manresa in Los Gatos; Michael Mina of MICHAEL MINA in San Francisco; David Myers of Sona in Los Angeles; Nancy Oakes of Boulevard in San Francisco; and Michel Richard of Citronelle in Washington DC.

I am so excited!! I can’t wait to speak with the chefs, taste the food & wine, meet Foodbuzz staff & other bloggers, PHOTOGRAPH, and enjoy this awesome opportunity!! Pebble Beach is in Carmel, CA, about 5-6 hours from LA. I am planning to just wake up super early and make a day of it!! I think the long drive will definitely be worth the fun day, don’t you agree?! I put down to attend Saturday, but I am still waiting on final confirmation of the day, when I will find out which chefs I will get to see in action. WOW! The more I talk about this, the more excited I get!! I can’t wait to share my day with you guys!! I wish we could all go together LOL.

Anyway, that’s my foodie news 🙂 More details to follow!!

Leaving you guys with a pic of the kitten babes…such smooch faces.


I miss the weekend already! This morning I had another Stonyfield Oikos with strawberries, half banana & kashi cereal. This yogurt is SO much thicker than my usual Dannon. It also has 3 times as much protein!  I still love my sweet vanilla and lemon yogurts, but I would definitely rely on this greek yogurt when I need something to really stick with me.


Lunch was a 6 inch Subway turkey sub with some pretzels on the side. Sorry, these are totally recycled pictures but I promise, my sammie looked exactly like this one 🙂



Pre-workout, I had half of this 100 calorie protein shake…


The shake fueled me through my 60 minutes on the elliptical, which was made easy thanks to Twilight! I finished the book while working out — can’t wait to bum the next one off Steph!

Dinner was a multi-part meal eaten over the next four hours…I started with a salad.


Followed quite a while later by a slice of paska w/a hard boiled egg on the side.


Plus some frozen edamame.


And for dessert, I had this cute little taste of pie!


I’m so sad — there’s only one tiny sliver of bread left!! I wanted to eat it SOOO badly but I’m saving it so I can have one more slice of bliss tomorrow:)

Happy Monday everyone! I have some exciting food-related news for y’all too, coming tomorrow (too late tonite LOL). Get psyched — I am!!

I am so tired today! My yogurt mess breakfast hit the spot as usual. This one had vanilla yogurt, half banana, half cup kashi, and 1 cup TJ’s mangolicious blend.


By the time lunch came around, I was super hungry. I got a foot long turkey & veggie Subway sandwich, with half to eat for lunch today and another half for tomorrow. Plus some diet Pepsi and BBQ Baked Lays.


And I had half a red pepper that I brought from home. Usually I get green peppers, but I’ve been craving red ones lately!


Someone brought a box of Girl Scout cookies into the office, so I had just one of these Tagalongs. My first and maybe only GS cookie of the season! I love eating the PB right in the center last 🙂


I decided to skip the gym after work as my left foot is really hurting me when I walk, I think just from all the walking I did on Saturday.  It’s pretty sore, and I’m guessing the gym just would have made it worse. Instead I came home (while the sun was still out, YAY!) and had some frozen edamame while reading a book. I love frozen veggies! I had this cup times 2.


Then I did 25 minutes of yoga from On Demand Exercise TV. There is one session that’s all twists that’s nice to do when I want some good deep stretches, like tonight.  For dinner, I just couldn’t decide on anything.  I ended up making 1/4 cup quinoa with some celery, carrots, garlic, and basil. It was MEH. Not bad tasting at all, I just didn’t really want it after I cooked it, but I went ahead and ate it anyway.


So I decided to have something that I am ALWAYS craving. Yes, yogurt & fruit & kashi. I possibly might eat too much of this stuff…


I had all this goodness plus a little piece of banana and another few handfuls of kashi. Now I am pretty full on cereal, but still feeling snackish, but I’m blogging now so I can tell myself, no more pictures, kitchen closed!! I am gonna make myself get ready for bed instead — so tired…

Tuesday morning I dug into another 2 Newsroom bread heels with 1 tbsp almond butter/crunchy natural PB combo plus 2 tbsp cherry jelly, fruit, and coffee. This bread is killer and keeps me full way longer than oatmeal or yogurt mess! I wonder what’s in it/nutritional stats? Julia, does Newsroom have these?? Hmmm…anyway, it was awesome as usual.


Lunch was the other 6-inches of my turkey/veggie subway.  Holding off on the vinegar worked like a charm, and this wasn’t soggy at all!


Usually I have some kind of popchip or baked Lay’s with this type of meal, but yesterday I made a wonderful discovery — there is a FROYO place in walking distance from my office building!!! I actually walked back into the office and declared to everyone, “This is one of the happiest days of my life.” HAHA. I got a baby-sized chocolate and peanut butter. Best part is, there were probably less calories in this guy then I would have had if I ate the chips instead!


For the first time in what feels like forever, I finally had a chance to hit up the gym after work, so I snacked on this Kashi bar a little bit before going. It was good enough taste-wise, but honestly wasn’t that filling.  Bummer!  It was a free bar, so no biggie, but I wouldn’t spend the money on them myself.


I got in a good 60 minutes on the elliptical. It was hard to get into the groove and I kept wanting to quit, but I have a lot going on this week and don’t know how many times I will get to the gym, so I pushed through. I did some grocery shopping afterwards, and by the time I got home I was HUNNNGRY!

I snacked on grapes while I was cooking.


All day, I was craving a big ole ROAST — veggie roast that is!  I chopped up 1 medium sweet potato, 1/4 red onion, 1 shitake mushroom, 1 green pepper, and 6 brussel sprouts.  The brussel sprouts got tossed in a lemon pepper seasoning, while everything else just went in au natural. Here’s the tray pre-cooking!


I also was reminded about Kath’s kale chips, which I’ve never made. Since I had a bunch of kale in the fridge, I decided to give them a try as well. Verdict? Surprisingly good! They got very crispy. The only negative was the kosher salt, which was entirely my fault because I used way too much. Next time, less salt and we have a winner!


To go with the veggie roast, I also broiled a TJ’s cilantro chicken sausage. I tossed everything together and topped with some fresh cilantro and 1 tbsp of Bone Suckin Sauce that I got from Diana in our swap. This was so good!!


Roasted goodness 🙂


Sometimes when I eat big dinners like this one, I wonder if I make TOO much food. I mean, that tray was HUGE! But besides the chicken sausage and sweet potato, which I didn’t over-portion, the rest is fresh & healthy veggies, so I have a hard time restraining myself to a set portion size. How important do you all think that is to overall calorie intake? Should veggies be a freebie-type food, or is it good to always measure these out as well?

I enjoyed this very yummy bowl while watching The Biggest Loser. How sweet is Mike?!? What a good kid. Here is a side view of the kitten babies sprawled out on my lap. They love late-night cuddling! They are like kids, angels when sleeping ONLY haha.


No dessert! Must be a first for me LOL 🙂

Monday turned out to be just as crazy as I thought it would!  I started off my day with the deeply satisfying Fresh Market Almond Amaretto coffee, two slices of Newsroom bread heels with 1 tbsp almond butter and 2 tbsp cherry jelly, and some assorted fruit. I can’t get enough of this bread! Sorry Julia, I am making my way through the stash!!



After breakfast, I hit the ground running and worked all the way through lunch, until 1:30 when I finally had a few moments to scarf down this salad.


Real lunch came at 4, when I got out of a last minute meeting and heated up a Lean Cuisine pizza.  Times like these are when I say thank goodness for frozen meals!!


The real (but fun!) work didn’t come until after 5, when I finally buckled down and started on a presentation that had been assigned earlier in the day that was due the next morning! It took me a while, but I got to play around in Photoshop and powerpoint, which is really fun for me. I ran out around 7 to Subway, figuring if I got some dinner, I could power through! Luckily I work right next to a mall, so there are plenty of food options in walking distance.  I had a 6-inch turkey, no cheese, with veggies and a side of my BBQ popchips. Plus a very refreshing (and enormous) diet Coke.


Did you know that Subway has side packets of vinegar!? Perfect to keep sandwiches from getting soggy. Even better, with the $5 footlong deal right now, I got another 6 inches for a dollar more that I can eat for lunch Tuesday! And have my vinegar on the side 🙂


I finally peaced out of work around 9 (ugh, yes, 9) and settled down at home with the new Patricia Cornwell book, Scarpetta.  I have to get this book back to the library at the end of the week so I am trying to finish it but the only time I have to read it is at night and some of the scenes SPOOK ME OUT so I can’t read too much right before bed LOL.


I dug into a heaping cup of those addictive Puffins while reading. I am resigned to the fact that this box will NOT be lasting long 🙂


I am feeling so much better now that I got a few big things behind me!  The next two days are going to be pretty busy, but I think Monday was the worst.  Hope you guys are having a more relaxing start to the week!! Sorry if I am a little behind on catching up with you all, you will be hearing from me soon for sure 🙂

*If you are dying to check out the Jocalat bars like I am, don’t forget to stop by and visit another Kate, Chocolate Covered Katie, for her giveaway!

And how can I forget — Barney Butter!! See Lucky Taste Buds for that one 🙂

First off, I just want to say that today I received a special package from Diana at The Chic Life when I got into work!! I WAS SO EXCITED! She managed to have the box arrive on my birthday too, it was some true cosmic perfection.  Our east/west coast swap was a stellar success 🙂 I will fill you all in on the goodies later when I have a chance to take pictures, but here is a little preview — I received some of THESE delicious homemade bars! Can’t wait to have one today!! THANKS DIANA, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

Okay, on to yesterday’s eats! I went back to fruit and yogurt for breakfast. I am completely out of my favorite cherry blend and mango, so this mess was somewhat on the boring side for me.


Lunch was a 6 inch subway turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, lots of pickles, S & P, and vinegar. I had subway TOO many times over the next 24 hours…this is just part 1!


I bought some Baked Lay’s but REALLY wanted pretzels (anyone else notice/hate how subway doesn’t sell pretzels??), so I ditched the chips and bought a bag of Snyder’s minis at the shop in my office building. I had half the bag with lunch! (Coley — I always buy Snyder’s now in your honor LOL)


Around 4 I dug into the last of my snap pea supply.


After work, I met up with a bunch of friends at Lola’s, the neighborhood martini bar. The happy hour can’t be beat, with $5 (strong) martinis. I stopped off at home quickly to feed the kitten babies and change before I scarfed down another 1/4 of my sub (got the footlong with the idea of having some for dinner too!!) and the other 1/2 bag of pretzels to get a little dinner in my belly.  At the bar, I started off with this “Give Me Fever” pomegranate/lemonade martini.


We also ordered some appetizers for the table, but I was not too hungry so I only had about 3 chips with dip and a few pita triangles with hummus.


As more people joined the table, more drinks magically appeared. Caramel apple martinis were next!  These were seriously delish.


Somehow I ended up with a glass of bubbly as happy hour drew to a close. Oh yeah, I was playing some pool right about then, hence the cue stick.


All this was followed by a heavenly slice of chocolate cake to share (I ate a decent amount of it though!!). Apparently they told the waitress, whatever had the most chocolate was what I wanted. Ahhh am I that obvious?? This was the Guiltless Chocolate Ganache Tart w/Hazelnut Crust w/fresh raspberries, berry compote, vanilla ice cream touched with dulce de leche. How or why it was “guiltless” I do not know 🙂


More people came, we had a round of lemon drop shots. Then a round of chocolate cake shots in honor of the birthday. These are my favorite, since they taste like…wait for it…chocolate! Duh. Last drink of the night was the best martini of all time. Chocolate. Okay, sorry, last chocolate of the night, I promise!  I could only drink a few sips of this one cause I. Was. Done.  There is a dusting of cocoa on the rim and it’s one of the all-time best drinks I’ve ever had.



When I got home, I had the other 1/4 of my subway waiting for me! It was the perfect size for a healthy post-partying snack.

Coming up! More about my coastal swap package (!!) and insanely good birthday eats, including a killer Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake. Trust me, you will want to read about it and might need to get some of your own afterwards 🙂