I got my first tastes of summer this weekend! Sorry in advance for the super long post; my computer is broken, so I couldn’t blog this weekend.  I am working on getting something to use though, even if just temporarily! Friday started out with some amazing coffee from The Fresh Market that Diana sent me in our swap, plus 2 slices of Newsroom bread with 1 tbsp almond butter and 2 tbsp cherry jelly. MMM!


And a very crunchy pear.


I tried to track down some sushi at lunch but the restaurant we went to had CLOSED two weeks earlier, so I ended up with a spicy tuna roll from Whole Foods.


And since I can’t resist their salad bar, I had a scoop of edamame, a scoop of some qunioa mix, and a nice fat falafel ball on the side.


This lunch held me over forever, until a late dinner of homemade veggie pizza. I had two slices of this whole wheat crust, spinach & mushroom pie.


Steph and I enjoyed our pizza plus a scoop of froyo topped with some PB puffins (my first time having these — I am addicted!!) and a few chocolate covered dried cherries while watching The Wrestler. The movie was so much sadder than I was expecting.  I liked it overall, but some of the fight scenes were gruesome!


Saturday morning, I did a quick 30 minutes walking/running on the treadmill as soon as I woke up, followed by a yogurt mess with coffee. I tried and loved this vanilla bean flavor!


My mix had 1 cup frozen cherry/blackberry blend, 1/2 small banana, and a heaping 1/2 cup PB puffins. I enjoyed this breakfast while watching Slumdog Millionaire. Awesome movie! I totally understand why it won all the awards this year.


I had lunch outside while finishing up Edgar Sawtelle. The sun this weekend was strong and gorgeous! I started with an apple and some seltzer.


I also made up a plate with a skinny stick of homemade bread, 4 ak-mak wheat crackers, and a handful of pretzel flats to use as dippers…


…for some TJ’s Egg White Salad with Chives! This stuff is SO GOOD, and the whole container is only 100 calories!!


Check out that dipping action 🙂


Lunch dessert was a repeat of Friday night, which I ate while watching The Secret Life of Bees. I heard this movie didn’t do that well with the critics, but I loved it. Maybe just because I also loved the book? And I really like Dakota Fanning too.


Later I got kind of snacky and munched on some fishies and veggies.









For dinner, I met up with a big group of friends for some Mexican. I started off with a house margarita on the rocks with salt. It was definitely the best thing I had all night! I also snacked on about a dozen chips with salsa and guac while waiting for our food. I was actually pretty restrained, normally I can eat half the basket!  I started with one of these chicken skewers.


Followed by two tortillas filled with some of this steak/shrimp/veggie fajita mixture. Sorry about the blurry photo!


After dinner I went out dancing with India. We had a nice hookup with some free drinks, but I only had a few obligatory sips of my vodka cranberry. I just wasn’t feeling it I guess!  Sunday morning we bummed around and watched a few episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras. Anyone else ever seen this show?? It’s like the runaway train wreck that you can’t look away from…those poor little girls!  I had a pink lady apple while watching.


Followed by a bowl (plus another half bowl!) of yummy honey nut cheerios.


After breakfast, India and I went on a nice long walk in the hills behind her house. The sun was beating down and I even got a little burn! We cooled down with some sugar-sprinkled grapefruits.


It was so nice outside, I decided to relax a little by India’s pool with some magazines. Lunch came pretty late and consisted of another yogurt mess, same as Saturday’s breakfast.


With some really good iced coffee.


Since lunch was on the light side, I followed it up with a pre-dinner snack of a skinny Newsroom bread heel. This bread is addicting! Every few bites, you get a nice crunchy sunflower seed/oat taste that’s divine.


For dinner, I found myself again craving instant Asian by Trader Joe’s: edamame, potstickers, and a veggie eggroll.



I also had a nice salad with some light Asian Sesame dressing.


Even though this was a lot of food, I couldn’t resist a cup of Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt for dessert. I got a couple delicious cookie dough bites in this 🙂


I think I did better with my weekend overeating, although I did do some mindless snacking since I was basically just bumming around.  This week is looking INTENSE. I have so much to do at work, it’s already stressing me out. I am going to try to get to the gym and eat fairly well so I don’t have that bugging me too! Hope everyone is having a good Monday kickoff!!