Will the weather ever get summery?! I woke up Saturday morning to MORE CLOUDS and decided a batch of blueberry pancakes were in order. I used 1/2 cup whole wheat mix, 1/4 cup Maine bloobs, 1/4 cup egg beaters, some H2O and 1 tbsp maple syrup to make this plate. They were really thin but good!


Thanks to the icky day outside, I spent much of the day cleaning, reading, and watching TV. I took a break around 11 AM to hit the gym for 45 minutes on the elliptical. My ankle has been bothering me the last few days, and this is the only way I can workout without really aggravating it! Followed by grocery shopping, I got home pretty hungry for lunch and pulled out some of my purchases to make a chile lime chicken burger topped with pickles and grilled onions and sweet potato fries.


Snacks throughout the rest of the afternoon included a mint Skinny Cow and a Red Delicious apple.



After lazing around all day, I was motivated to get out of the apt and met Kate W for a late dinner at Yatai.  She just moved back to LA and has never been to our favorite sushi spot, so I had to introduce her! I started with a berry beer and some shared edamame. For our main meal, we split some favorites. Sorry for the recycled pictures!

CA roll

CA roll

Crispy rice with spicy tuna

Crispy rice with spicy tuna

Popcorn shrimp

Popcorn shrimp

We shared these three dishes, plus seared salmon sashimi.  I was stuffed after!  Of course, there was still a little room for dessert 🙂


I half passed out awkwardly on the couch and roused myself at 2 AM to get into bed. Then today I woke up around 8 to more clouds.  Boo!  For breakfast I went back to basics with my regular yogurt mess. Lots of fresh and frozen fruit — it was delicious!

Topped with Oaty-Os and Kashi Go Lean Crunch!

Topped with Oaty-Os and Kashi Go Lean Crunch!

After more cloudy day activities (i.e. reading, watching tv, and cleaning again!!), I snacked on some Newsroom toast with Better N’ PB and cherry jelly.


Then the SUN came out late afternoon! I grabbed an apple to enjoy with the good change in weather.


Even thought it wasn’t hot, I decided to make the most of the blue skies and headed down to the beach to read on the sand. It was incredibly windy but I was so happy to finally be outside 🙂

I also got to swing by Panera, meaning bread and black bean soup on the beach…


…and Strawberry Lemon Poppy seed Chicken salad when I got back home.


Later I got a little snacky, so I made some sweet potato cheetahs and broccoli slaw with mushrooms and balsamic vinegar.


This weekend flew by in a minute!! I can’t believe it’s almost Monday already.  I think I have another crazy week coming up but hopefully I can squeeze some fun stuff in there too.  Right now I am just bumming around before going to the airport to pick up Julia. She has been in MN all week and I’m so glad she’s almost home!! Her flight gets in 11:30ish so I will probably try to get to bed after that 🙂


Hi everyone, hope you all had an awesome weekend!  Sorry I have been MIA…I hate not being able to post but my computer was SO SLOW yesterday and every word took five minutes to type!! Why?!?  Anyway, I’m here now!! Okay, backtrack. Friday morning I woke up a little early and shredded before work.  It was great getting it out of the way and then I didn’t have to worry about it, which was nice. I kicked off the morning with the usual. So many good fruits, finally!


I was planning to eat the rest of my stir fry from Thursday for lunch, but at noon my boss paged the whole office on our phone intercoms and asked who wanted to go out! YAY! He hates leaving the office with no one there and sending calls to voicemail, but we did it anyway and all went to lunch — at Bloomies.  Only my boss decides to eat at a department store! And yes, it was all sweet old ladies there, and us HAHA.  I had a little piece of bread when we first sat down and then proceeded to order an amazing sandwich that had grilled chicken, avocado, cranberries, figs and some other good things that I am clearly forgetting in a sun-dried tomato wrap. AHH it was great! I also got some fries on the side, which I promptly split in half and gave the rest to our just-announced preggers VP.  She is so tiny and healthy and has just started ordering a grilled cheese every afternoon. I love it.  Sometimes work drives me crazy, but the people I work with are pretty darn cool. We had such a good time at lunch together…all of us talking at once and sharing food off each others plates.  It’s cute!

After a fun lunch, the rest of the afternoon went pretty quickly.  I got home and decided to take advantage of the nice weather with my good friend, 2 buck chuck.  Isn’t he sweet??


I had a nice glass outside with a pre-dinner snack, yogurt mess!!!! I made this one slightly smaller than usual just to tide me over to our late dinner. I can’t drink wine and then not eat til 10 PM, just doesn’t happen!!! I think I might turn into this yummy creation, I eat it that much…


Julia and I got all gussied up & as soon as her friend Jen headed over to our place, of course I couldn’t find my wallet.  I looked EVERYWHERE and then drove all the way back to my office…still no wallet. 40 minutes later, I got home and remembered I put it in my gym bag. DUH!!!!!!!! We hollered for a taxi and headed out to Yatai, our fave Asian tapas place.

We started with some cold bamboo sake and beers, but I ended up passing along the sake and drinking most of this Ginger beer and most of the Berry beer we ordered.  Flavored beer rocks!!


For dinner, Julia and I split a bunch of the dishes we order every time, including the best CA roll in all existance.


And some insanely delicious crispy rice with spicy tuna.


Plus a newcomer to the usual rotation, tempura pumpkin with curry salt. OMFG.


Last but absolutely definitely not least, popcorn shrimp. I wish I could share a bite of this with everyone!!


After our amazing meal, we headed back down to Santa Monica Blvd and Bar Lubitsch, which is luckily right by our apt and an easy walk home at the end of the night.  Julia, Jen & I enjoyed a few free shots with Jen’s friends and some dancing.  Jules and I ended the night with some extra-flirty action on our parts. I may have gotten a text at 3 AM about my great looking ass, but of course, that was just factual reporting. Obviously. Julia & I smartly stayed awake chatting for a while after we got home, and I made us La Tortillas toasted with a bit of Chocolate Dreams. Perfect for sweet dreams to follow!


Three Things for Friday

  1. Shared my fries at lunch
  2. Ordered my wrap without cheese or dressing
  3. Split all my dinner plates with Julia

We woke up Saturday morning needing BREAKFAST stat. I actually slept until 9, which is possibly the latest I’ve slept in years. We headed out to Venice to check out Flake, a really cute cereal restaurant. 


While you can order eggs & such, the star of Flake is the huge list of cereals and toppings!!  I got a bowl with one scoop frosted mini wheats, one scoop raisin bran, topped with bananas and blueberries and served with skim milk.  This place is perfect for when you are craving some cereal but don’t necessarily want to go out and get a whole box of just one kind. And it surprisinly held me over for a really long time!


All mixed up!!!!!


Plus a really frothy non-fat chai latte on the side. 


Here’s where I become a bad food blogger, no pictures of the rest of Saturday, sorry!!! So after breakfast, I headed down to Laguna Beach for Becky’s big going-away party.  I got to the beach at that awkward time when it’s too late for lunch but eating a big meal would spoil my dinner. Luckily, I had a Nature’s Valley bar in my beach bag, probably from last summer. Whatever, it did the trick! It wasn’t hot at the beach, but we played some bocce ball and the sun came out around 4, so we got a few rays!

Back at the house, we raided Becky’s closet filled with lots of things she can’t take to NYC (I scored tons of cute clothes and a pair of Gucci heels that are a wee bit too big but I’m determined to make fit anyway!!) and drank the house Cosmo Lights while doing our fashion show.  A ton more people showed up, including Becky’s friends from high school and friends of the family.  Her dad made an awesome taco bar with tortillas, chicken, rice & beans, homemade guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa & cheese.  I had two tortillas plus a few handfuls of chips with the killer guac. He made a HUGE container, which the party devoured in no time!!!  The food fest was followed by many games of beer pong in the front yard. I promise I will take pictures of the next Laguna weekend to share with y’all!!!!  We also made Becky cry when we gave her the scrapbook made secretly during the party, where everyone made a page with photos and notes, like a way-cooler yearbook.  I am going to miss her so much!!!

Julia came down when she got off work, carrying a big bag of muffins from her restaurant. Perfect to fill our bellies before bed 🙂 Sunday morning, I woke up and settled down in the living room with another half muffin (strawberry, MMM) and Twilight #3.  Julia woke up a little bit later and we snuck out of the house for a bit to pick up coffees and flowers for Kate & Becky’s mom.  I called my mom too and she got my package and loved it!  I was sad that I couldn’t be there with her to make her breakfast in bed and spend the day together but I talked to her at least 5 times so it felt like I was there a little bit 🙂


When J & I got back to the Laguna house from our errands, everyone else was awake and Becky was whipping up a huge breakfast for her parents and the little group of us that spent the night.  The spread included a gorgeous Mexican frittata…


…lots of bagels…


…and tons of toppings, like smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and capers!!



My brain was bigger than my belly, and I topped two big bagel halves and cut a little slice of frittata.  I ate one of the bagel sandwiches and most of the frittata.  It was amazing!


After our big meal, we all just laid around and read books for a bit, waiting for the sun to come out.  When it looked like the clouds were sticking around for the rest of the day, we all gave Becky big kisses and headed back to LA.  I brought along the other half of my bagel, which made for a perfect late lunch when I got back to the city.


The rest of the day was spent cleaning my room, doing laundry, attempting to blog, and finishing off Twilight #3 in between.  Throughout the rest of the day, I sporadically snacked on a few different things, including strawberries,


5 leftover TJ multigrain & flaxseed crackers with hummus,


salad with baked tofu,


some shirataki tofu noodles mixed with 1/4 cup tomato sauce, basil, S & P,


and the final scoop of TJ organic soy-creamy non-ice cream ice cream.


Man, I love the weekend!  Sunday nights are always so relaxing and bittersweet at the same time, you know??  This week is looking pretty busy because I have a lot to get done before leaving Thursday night for Boston to see my Rachiekins! Hope you are all having a good Monday, can’t wait to catch up on your fun lives 🙂

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Skipped the Lucky Charms & Cinnamon Toast Crunch @ Flake
  2. Ate a light snack between breakfast and dinner so I wouldn’t fill up
  3. Cut my Cosmo in half with soda water

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Saved half of my breakfast for lunch
  2. Made salad & shirataki instead of continuing to snack
  3. Ate a healthy dessert portion (you can’t tell from the picture, but I just had one scoop and then closed down the kitchen!)

I apologize right now for some of these pictures!! Apparently the rechargeable batteries I had no longer work, and I don’t have any other batteries lying around, so I had to use my cell phone. In a dim restaurant. Yes, they are crapola.

For breakfast, I had a lovely yogurt mess with some figs added for extra umph because I only had a tiny bit of kashi left to sprinkle in the mix! Must buy more ASAP!


For lunch, we headed out to Bev Hills to celebrate L’s birthday (same one we had cake for yesterday). I got a very delicious grilled veggie & goat cheese sandwich. I ate half at the cafe and saved the other half to snack on at the office!


For dessert our server brought out grilled nutella sandwiches with a candle so we could sing to the birthday girl, but I only had one bite. I love Nutella, but I was seriously full!  Back home after work, I snacked on an apple to tide me over until dinner. If this picture looks familiar, it’s because I had the same snack Friday when my camera was not broken…thought you guys deserved at least one good shot!


Julia and I went to the cast & crew screening of Bring It On: Fight to the Finish…Julia has a speaking part in the movie and she rocked!!!! GO ROOMIE!!!!  She is listed in the credits as Shoevite Girl because she gives the cheerleaders stiletto heels as invites to this big party.  Maybe I should start calling her that, what do you think Jules?!?  Haha, just kidding.  The movie was actually really cute tho and the dancing is sick!

We were ravenous by the time we got out and hit up Sushi Dan for some yummy treats. I love that I can get good sushi at 10 PM, thank goodness! We started with some hot sake thanks to our friend Brian who was bartending last night. Sake glasses are so cute 🙂


We also had miso soup…


…and edamame!


Sushi Dan has CRAZY sushi rolls, but I decided to stick to the classics and ordered a spicy tuna roll and a CA roll. Both were awesome, as usual. Again, seriously sorry about these pictures LOL.



After dinner, Julia and I hit up Yogurt Stop for a little froyo treat. Again, love that you can get froyo at 11:30 PM. What would I do without all these late night restaurant hours?! I had a mix of flavors with some sprinks.


Three Things for Wednesday:

  1. Ordered my sandwich w/o the basil garlic sauce (I really don’t mind going condiment free!)
  2. Only had one bite of dessert at lunch
  3. Split my froyo order in half and saved the rest for tonight

So I haven’t been to the gym in a WEEK and my body is kind of mad at me I think. I can’t go tonight but hopefully tomorrow since I won’t be going out until late! Hopefully I can score some batteries today too 🙂

Happy almost weekend everybody!!

By the way, DONUT GIVEAWAY at An Apple A Day!! YUMMERS!!

I didn’t get to post last night (too busy scrubbing pink paint off my kitten!! yes, seriously) so this will be quick. Tuesday breakfast I had the usual yogurt mess, this time with a granny smith apple, blueberries, 1/2 cup kashi & 1/4 cup oaty-o’s.


For lunch I decided to give the other Healthy Choice meal I bought a few weeks back a try.  I have been eating way too many pre-made foods lately but I have NO bread or tuna or turkey or soup or anything portable that doesn’t require a lot of time (and a stove), so it’s frozen diddies for now. I added extra broccoli and leftover roasted brussel sprouts for volume and greens. This meal was pretty good, but again, I should just never by frozen chicken entrees. I could only eat some of the chicken so it just seems silly to get them!


After lunch, my office decided to stock up on Easter candy. I am now in easy grabbing distance of chocolate eggs, Reeses bunnies, Reeses PB cups, Kit Kat bars, and a few more things I can’t remember. I helped myself to one Reeses and then ate a Z-bar so I wouldn’t keep snacking on chocolate. This is the first time I’ve tried this flavor and it was okay. I don’t dislike them but I don’t really love them either. I think I still have chocolate chip left to try…


Since I knew I wasn’t going to get to the gym, I just sipped on some tea late afternoon.


I have been seeing sushi ALLLL over the blog world, so tonight I made it my mission to get some! I have been craving a good spicy tuna SO badly. My roommate and I got four rolls to share: spicy tuna, california, hot night (shrimp tempura, cucumber, masago w/spicy tuna & eel sauce on top), and shrimp soybean paper roll (shrimp, soybean paper, avocado, masago, asparagus). This sushi is all so fresh and HUGE and delicious!! I could eat this every night.




Cheers to baby glasses of hot sake! We eked out the last bit of the bottle to share.


Followed by some shelled and sea salted edamame.


We started off nicely plating everything and then plowed through! We ate outside while chatting (love my roommie!). We finished all the sushi except one lonely end piece of the hot night roll. Too stuffed for another bite 🙂


After dinner we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall while working on the canvases we’ve been painting to hang in the living room. We are so close to finishing! I will definitely post pictures when we are done. We took a break to eat some more Dreyer’s Double Churned with magic shell.


THEN the kittens ran through the plates of paint and one got it ALL over her. We bathed her with kiddie shampoo, which she HATED and she is now pink and smells like coconuts. Poor Mookie! The paintings got put aside to finish tomorrow night and I went to bed with a nice chamomille tea. Now it’s humpday!! YAY! Hope everyone is having a good one 🙂


Monday morning I dug into the yogurt again as usual.  I am out of most of my frozen fruit though, so I just had half banana, nectarine slices, pineapple and kashi in this one. Still no coffee…I HAVE to do a Target run!! It was kinda stinky being at work on Presidents’ Day, especially since all the rain outside made it a perfect snuggle-in-bed kind of morning! Sadly, the office was there waiting for me at 8AM.


For lunch I brought a BIG green salad, with spinach, snap peas, green beans, and peppers, plus tomatoes and red onions for a little color pop.


I keep one of those 1-calorie salad sprays at work for convenience.  The taste is totally different from creamy salad dressing of course, but it gives some nice extra flavor and the spritzer bottle is easy to use when I’m at the office. Right now I have Ken’s Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette.


After my greens, I had a plate of mixed goodies, including a Perfect 10 bagel with about 1 tbsp hummus, two slices of white american cheese (I bought 1/4 lb last weekend and I still have 2 slices left!!), and 1/2 serving of BBQ popped chips.


Of course I was craving chocolate, so I dipped into my Dove dark stash and ate one of these guys.


I tried to wait until I got home from work to snack, since I was going to dinner instead of going to the gym, but I got pretty hungry in the afternoon so I had half of this Power Bar that I got for free.  The flavor says Chocolate Peanut Butter but I couldn’t taste either of those! It just had that gritty taste and really wasn’t very good. I wish I had wasted those calories (120 for just half!!) on something better!


After work, me, Julia, Ali, Katie Jo and Becky sipped a glass of wine while having a little girl talk/catch up session at our place before going out to dinner. I love these girls 🙂


Since Ali is here visiting, the five of us + Courtney hit up our favorite Asian tapas place Yatai that Ali discovered/introduced us all to when she first lived in LA. The food here is INCREDIBLE! I started with a berry beer. Not a big beer fan in general, but this one has just the right amount of sweet.


Followed by miso soup.  This was the first time I ordered it here and it was excellent!


And some edamame to start. Yum, salty.

yatai edamame

We always order the same 3 dishes and get enough for everyone to share. Since we ended up ordering 3 of each order, we probably could have mixed it up a bit but these three are totally killer.

I had two (and a half!) of these CA rolls wrapped in soy paper

yatai CA roll

Plus 2 & 1/2 of the crispy rice with spicy tuna, one of Yatai’s specialties!

yatai crispy rice

And half of this popcorn shrimp:

yatai popcorn shrimp

How good does that look??

yatai popcorn shrimp closeup

It was great getting together with the girls! I would say that we don’t do it often enough, but actually we do it all the time LOL. Like, tomorrow night for example! Afterwards, a few of us hit up a whisky bar downtown to celebrate KJ’s boyfriend’s band signing to a label — WHOOHOO! I didn’t have anything to drink but I did shoot a few games of pool. I sunk 4 in a row my first time up!! Not to brag or anything…hahaha 🙂

Of course I had to treat myself to half a mug of the diet hot choc and two of these decadent chocolates before sleep. Russell Stover hearts are my all time favorites!


Friday ended up being a total food overload, thanks to a combo of treats at work and going out at night. My breakfast was normal…


…but then I added some donut tastes!


I knew there would be more to follow, so I kept these small.


For lunch, I had a bowl of black bean soup and half a tuna salad sandwich on ciabatta bread from Coral Tree Cafe.  The tuna salad is mayo-free and so delicious!  Afterwards, I snacked on one of the moistest, icing-est cookies of all time.  These are sold at the grocery store and are oddly really excellent.


Near the end of the day, I started to snack on another bite of donut, but switched to snap peas instead.  Good Kate 🙂


Good Kate didn’t last very long though…I stopped by the post office to pick up a package from my mom which contained a big Russell Stover heart of assorted chocolates.  Thanks Mommy!!  Of course, I ate SIX as soon as I opened the box. Uhh, yeah. They were super good, but it was chocolate overload!  Then it was a glass of wine with some pita chips and spinach artichoke dip for dinner.  Later that night I had a Starbucks Mocha martini out with the gang.  I LOVE those! Plus a vodka cranberry when we went dancing later.  I got home around 2AM and curled up in bed with a book.  That’s when the late late night eating started. It was WAY too much. I filled a dessert plate with pieces of donut, cookies, pita chips, and blue corn tortilla chips.  Then I had another plate with more when I finished that one. I woke up feeling awful.  I haven’t had a night like that in a while, where I just felt really gross and embarrassed by all the chocolate and junk I consumed for 24 hours.  I definitely used up my daily calorie amount in snacks alone. I called my sister to vent and she motivated me to get out the door.  So instead of laying in bed feeling guilty, I went on a run.  I ended up running/walking five miles while listening to the Goo Goo Dolls on my iPOD. It was such a great morning, and I felt so healthy to be moving, that it totally lifted my mood. Here’s a picture I snapped on my cell of the beautiful view from my route.


When I got home, I snacked on a piece of banana before brunch.


I knew that today would be another indulgent day, but I decided to make it indulgent without too much overload.  It seems to me that when I overdo it with food is when I end up feeling badly about what I eat, which is really a waste when I am eating pasta and chocolate and cheese and bread.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to eat an amount that is satisfying rather than so much that I end up feeling sickly?  I always want to beat myself up after nights like Friday, but I decided that I wasn’t going to do that, and my run and healthy brunch really helped to keep things into perspective.

My first LA friend Ali is in town visiting (!!!) so a group of us hit up Newsroom, where my roomie works, for brunch.  I started off with a non-fat vanilla latte.


And then we ordered Newsroom’s famous artichoke, which is marinated in balsamic vinegar for 2 hours and then grilled — YUM!


Our waiter also brought us these vegetarian hot wings, which I think are just made of soy on a skewer.


For my main meal, I dug into the Brazilian High Energy Breakfast Bowl.  The menu details this deliciousness as blended sambazon acai soy moo & banana topped with hemp granola and fresh berries.  Look at this big bowl of heart health!!


Blended acai underneath:


Nick had a watermelon martini that he passed around the table so everyone could take a sip 🙂


Newsroom lattes are SO GOOD!


Then we hit the road = oh yeah, I forgot to mention we walked there! DING! Another 5 miles added to my morning roster. I brought this piece of bread for the road.  That’s Julia hand modeling 🙂


This meal held me over almost until dinner!  I dug into one of these 100 calorie bars before my big V-day foodfest. 


Here was our spread for the night:




And our dessert!


My piece 🙂


Today I woke up and relaxed ALL DAY.  It was heavenly. I started off with a childhood breakfast favorite dubbed “eggs in a basket.”


Here’s what it looks like when you cut into the egg. MMM


For lunch I had a slice of the delicious spanakopita cooked by India. Plus a square of chocolate. Doesn’t it look gourmet??


After napping and watching Bravo reruns most the day, I stopped off at my favorite sushi place to pick up a spicy tuna roll and california roll.



Plus edamame


And one of the vegetable egg rolls from Trader Joe’s.


For dessert I dug into another brownie piece with a scoop of the Breyers fat free ice cream.


All in all, I had a great relaxing weekend. Friday I really pushed myself to that place where you just feel UGH, but rather than get mad at myself the rest of the weekend, I just made a conscious effort to change my thinking. I am so happy that I was able to turn around my food feelings. And I still ate a bunch of rich, delicious food the next two days without that annoying nagging guilt that comes with excess food overload. There is going to be a lot of eating/drinking and little exercise through next weekend though, since the rest of this week is going to be crazy busy. Ali is in town until Thursday, and then it’s my birthday and VEGAS!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trip is adding up to be wild and crazy for sure. I can’t wait! Night all! Hope everyone had a great weekend/Valentine’s Day…and I hope that YOU all have off tomorrow 🙂

Around 4 I started to get hungry, so I dug into one of my yogurt messes!

yogurt before

after mixing

This baby had two jumbo strawberries, grapes, half banana, and 1/4 cup kashi. Followed by some little goldfishies. I was in the store the other day and had the biggest nostalgia moment for these guys.


My roomie and I decided to grab sushi before going out. We sipped on some sake while getting ready and then walked to a new place, Yoshi’s Sushi. Our plan this year is to try some new places, since we have so many good looking restaurants in walking distance, yet we always go to the same spots!

At Yoshi’s, we started off with some hot sake. Here is our little jug plus two mini glasses. Pretty, huh?



Then we got cucumbers and edamame


Our sushi was good, the spicy tuna was the spiciest I’ve ever had! We got two spicy tuna rolls, one baked scallop roll, one albacore tuna w/veggies, and one shrimp tempura roll with veggies. We ate almost everything!

We were impressed with all the food…then they brought out this one haha. Endless sushi 🙂

Plus a glass of white with our meal

After dinner, we went to a cute bar in Hollywood called Cat & Fiddle. There’s a great outdoor area with a little fountain and white twinkly lights.  They had the heat lamps going, and it was a perfect night to be outside! I got a vodka soda with kate and justin. Pinky fingers out! We are real classy like that 🙂

I had another drink and then a group of marines bought us all a shot. NO I didn’t drive home after all that!!  Here are a few more pics of the night.

julia, me, kate

bangtastic roommates

Luckily we were good with late night snacking. I had some grapes when we got home, YUMMERS.  This morning was a little rough, we might have had one too many drinks! I don’t drink much during the week, but usually end up going all out at least one night over the weekend. What can I say? When the girls go out, we like to have a good time!

This morning I had some of my leftover pancakes, a banana, and a cup of tea.

Look at these choc chips!!

I topped the pancakes with a tbsp of this baby. It has vanilla bean in it and is oh so good.

Later this afternoon I am going to a big superbowl BBQ. I’m expecting there to be a lot of food and drink, as usual with any get togethers with my friends. I’m going to try not to go too overboard! I want to break my new pattern of good/healthy eats all week, and then excess food/drink Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  It’s hard though with so many fun things going on! That’s why I make up for it Monday — Thursday I guess 🙂

Happy Superbowl & Sunday!