Since I’ve been getting so hungry by lunchtime, I tried holding off eating breakfast but that didn’t work. I dug into my yogurt mess by 8:30, oh well!


Lunch today was part of my “economy” efforts of the week — leftovers! Everything tasted just as good, especially once it was all mixed up. Best of all, it took such a long time to eat!



After lunch I took a little walk outside with one of my co-workers in the gorgeous sun. It was hard going back to work after that! Luckily I had a PB Fiber One bar in my purse…it was totally smushed but came in very handy around 4 PM when I got slammed with some more projects and realized I wouldn’t be leaving the office anytime soon!


I begged off around 7 and still made it over to the gym. I was itching to go home but the thought of portobellos and sweet potato fries (the store is next to the gym!) was enough to motivate me. I did a quick but sweaty 30 minutes on the elliptical. I NEED to get some new music!!

Dinner was an awesome plate chock full o’veggies and included a portobello mushroom, cheetahs, red onions, a dill pickle (times 2!), and fresh broccoli/cauliflower. Everything was delicious!


Tomorrow I have a last minute work breakfast at Shutters on the Beach, which is possibly the cutest hotel of all time and located in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be eating until 10 AM, so I am going to have to eat a small breakfast in addition to ordering at the restaurant. Here’s the menu; any ideas on what I should eat first/order later??


Thursday morning I woke up so happy to get the long weekend started. WHOOHOO!


I had one more last minute thing to finish for the client whose project I’ve been working on the last week, so the day flew by pretty quickly.  I didn’t even have a minute to leave for lunch! But I did manage to squeeze in some fruit and a Lean Cuisine.


Look at those blackberries!!


I was working down to the wire since we were leaving early but at 3 PM my boss told me send the last email and PEACE OUT.  Love that. I came home and settled down with one of my girly books (Jemima J, always re-read this one!) and some TJ pita chips. Reduced guilt? Sea salt? Sign me up!


After the snacking, I decided to go for a little run.  I haven’t been in the mood to exercise lately but I think a lot of that is because it’s late and I am tired by the time I get home from work.  Getting home earlier today meant I had an extra two hours, and with the sun still out, I was super motivated to get outdoors!  I ended up doing a 2.7 run (okay, okay, jog) around my neighborhood and didn’t stop to walk once!! This might not sound like much but it felt huge to me, even though I was jogging along pretty slowly at the end, I kept going! I was a red sweaty mess afterward. Sexy, I know.

I showered, shaved and exfoliated like whoa so I could hit up the tanning salon next door for a spray tan.  I’ve never tried one of these before but I figured with the next few days of beach/pools/bbqs it would be nice to have some color rather than be a white/red splotchy mess. I felt like an idiot doing the “poses” in the Magic Tan booth, but I love the look! I might possibly be hooked…then I swung by Whole Foods to grab the Amy’s burgers that Jess recommended.  My summer meal was made complete with some SP fries, pickles and corn on the cob.


Yum! Loved the burgers!

After my late dinner, Julia came home for some serious girl chat time. What would I do without her?! Then of course we had to race to Yogurtland before closing time…yes, it closes at midnight and yes, we needed to get froyo even though it was so late.


Summer Lovin!

Happy almost 4th!!!

Quick post tonight, it’s late and I want to get to sleep! Yogurt mess for breakfast, which I downed in 2 minutes.


Lunch was a La Tortilla Factory wrap with broccoli slaw, cabbage, portobello mushroom, and some leftover cheetah slices.


I ate the rest of the stuffing that wouldn’t fit in the wrap on the side!


Afternoon pick-me-up! I was never allowed to have soda as a kid, but my mom always drank Diet Dr Pepper, so this reminds me of her 🙂


I should have eaten a real snack though because I ended up going to happy hour with one of the girls from work.  A glass of white wine on a pretty empty belly turned into a small flour tortilla, a chicken skewer and WAY too many chips with guacamole. At least we didn’t get a second basket…that’s good, right?

Of course, the whole point of happy hour is ending the night early, which made it feel like I still had time to hit the gym.  I did 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical before my tummy started reminding me it hadn’t quite digested and said no thanks!  I left to grab some groceries for the rest of the week and came home find the kitten peed in my bed. Again.  So right now I am decompressing with The Office.

I am king of forwards. It’s how I like to do business. I am Chandler. And Joey. And Pam is Rachel. And Dwight is Kramer.

Ah Michael Scott, you are priceless.

Will the weather ever get summery?! I woke up Saturday morning to MORE CLOUDS and decided a batch of blueberry pancakes were in order. I used 1/2 cup whole wheat mix, 1/4 cup Maine bloobs, 1/4 cup egg beaters, some H2O and 1 tbsp maple syrup to make this plate. They were really thin but good!


Thanks to the icky day outside, I spent much of the day cleaning, reading, and watching TV. I took a break around 11 AM to hit the gym for 45 minutes on the elliptical. My ankle has been bothering me the last few days, and this is the only way I can workout without really aggravating it! Followed by grocery shopping, I got home pretty hungry for lunch and pulled out some of my purchases to make a chile lime chicken burger topped with pickles and grilled onions and sweet potato fries.


Snacks throughout the rest of the afternoon included a mint Skinny Cow and a Red Delicious apple.



After lazing around all day, I was motivated to get out of the apt and met Kate W for a late dinner at Yatai.  She just moved back to LA and has never been to our favorite sushi spot, so I had to introduce her! I started with a berry beer and some shared edamame. For our main meal, we split some favorites. Sorry for the recycled pictures!

CA roll

CA roll

Crispy rice with spicy tuna

Crispy rice with spicy tuna

Popcorn shrimp

Popcorn shrimp

We shared these three dishes, plus seared salmon sashimi.  I was stuffed after!  Of course, there was still a little room for dessert 🙂


I half passed out awkwardly on the couch and roused myself at 2 AM to get into bed. Then today I woke up around 8 to more clouds.  Boo!  For breakfast I went back to basics with my regular yogurt mess. Lots of fresh and frozen fruit — it was delicious!

Topped with Oaty-Os and Kashi Go Lean Crunch!

Topped with Oaty-Os and Kashi Go Lean Crunch!

After more cloudy day activities (i.e. reading, watching tv, and cleaning again!!), I snacked on some Newsroom toast with Better N’ PB and cherry jelly.


Then the SUN came out late afternoon! I grabbed an apple to enjoy with the good change in weather.


Even thought it wasn’t hot, I decided to make the most of the blue skies and headed down to the beach to read on the sand. It was incredibly windy but I was so happy to finally be outside 🙂

I also got to swing by Panera, meaning bread and black bean soup on the beach…


…and Strawberry Lemon Poppy seed Chicken salad when I got back home.


Later I got a little snacky, so I made some sweet potato cheetahs and broccoli slaw with mushrooms and balsamic vinegar.


This weekend flew by in a minute!! I can’t believe it’s almost Monday already.  I think I have another crazy week coming up but hopefully I can squeeze some fun stuff in there too.  Right now I am just bumming around before going to the airport to pick up Julia. She has been in MN all week and I’m so glad she’s almost home!! Her flight gets in 11:30ish so I will probably try to get to bed after that 🙂

Welcome back to the real world everyone! This morning I woke up and found out I left my portable coffee mug at work on Friday…oops. Think that might stop me?! Nope, Godiva coffee was getting drink. drank. drunk. no matter what! So I took a regular mug into the car and possibly spilled all over my pants. It was so worth it 🙂

Breakfast was a yogurt mess! Surprise, surprise.


The whole team went out to lunch today at Breadbar. It’s hard to cut back on restaurant eating when you have to do it for work! I seriously never noticed how often we go out to eat, but I think I’m really getting a handle on this stuff!!! Today I ordered a bowl of the vegan white bean broth-based soup and half a grilled chicken/grilled veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread. When I looked around the table and saw the cheesy french onion soups & grilled cheese sandwiches, I gave myself a nice pat on the back 🙂

Today at work I got to read through some fun food magazines.  I had to stare down this little beauty in Women’s Health!!!


The article was pretty interesting though. It was all about dealing with food temptations.  “Research shows that willpower is a kind of mental muscle, and like any muscle, it can get stronger.” Don’t you love that?? I am SO working out my willpower muscle!


Lunch held me over all afternoon, but I got a little snacky around 4 so I had a cinnapple.


I intended to hit up the gym after work but home was calling my name so I headed there instead.  Dinner tonight was more portobello…I had bought two and the other one was just staring up at me from the fridge!

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website:

Dietitian’s tip: The meaty-textured portobello mushroom is the perfect stand-in for a hamburger. One portobello mushroom has about 30 calories and no fat or cholesterol. By comparison, a 3-ounce hamburger patty has 235 calories, 16 grams of fat and 76 milligrams of cholesterol.

Sweet! Good thing I totally LOVE portobello mushrooms. I forget about these for a while but I’m sure you will be seeing them more often now that I’ve rekindled the love affair 🙂

I topped my bello with 1 tbsp soyaki sauce, then placed the whole thing under the broiler for 5 minutes on each side. How easy is that?! For the side, I baked some sweet potato fries, red peppers & red onions and heated up a bowl of lemon pepper sprinkled broccoli. Such a light, filling dinner!




For dessert, I had another Skinny Cow of course. Sorry that you guys are stuck with the same picture every morning AND every night!!


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Ordered the vegan bean broth soup instead of french onion
  2. Got my sandwich dry, without the curry mayo
  3. Switched the egg bread/hamburger roll that came with my sandwich for whole wheat toast

Right now I am watching a bunch of new Lando episodes (Law & Order for anyone who doesn’t hear me call them that all the time haha) but am planning to put myself to bed somewhat early so I have more energy tomorrow.  Hope you all had a great day back after the mini-vaycay!!!

Saturday morning, I tried to sleep in, but I woke up early anyway.  I snacked on some watermelon and had a very lame cup of coffee.


The cats couldn’t understand why I wasn’t still sleeping 🙂


I have been craving pancakes every time I see a post about them, so I decided to make my healthy-ish ones! I have a great whole wheat & oats pancake mix that I mixed with egg whites, water and 1 tbsp cocoa.  This recipe makes a pretty full plate of pancakes!! Topped with 1 tbsp vanilla bean maple syrup, the whole plate is just under 300 calories, plus half banana for garnish.


I laid around all morning, playing some catch-up with my DVR and snacking on copious amounts of watermelon.  Lunch rolled around before I knew it, and I made another personal pizza with my homemade dough and the same toppings from Friday night — sauce, cheese, mushrooms and red onions.  The cheese is a new find (thanks to Julia!!) from Trader Joe’s that’s only 45 calories per 1/4 cup.  So melty and delicious!



After lunch, I took a walk to Crossroads to find some jeans, but that was a no go. Luckily, there is another location in walking distance the opposite direction, so I hit that one up too and found a cute pair of lightly worn Citizens for $30! Perfect for in-between jeans that I can wear until my too-tight ones are fitting again.

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s on the way home, making my round trip about 3.5 miles. I love being able to walk to get my errands done! Back at the apartment, I was suddenly ravenous so I cut into a red pepper for a mini appetizer.


I also couldn’t resist making a cup of the special coffee treat that Julia brought home — Godiva Creme Brulee. IT WAS SO GOOD. There are no words!!! I am officially spoiled. I think I’m gonna be hopped up on caffeine…can’t stop drinking this 🙂


Dinner was a perfect Memorial Day weekend-style meal, minus the actual grill. I cooked up a chile lime chicken burger, sweet potato fries, and a piece of corn on the cob. I ate my corn dry & salty, with half cut off the cob. My two favorite ways to eat corn are on the cob and cut right off it, so I decided to go for both 🙂


Dessert was a Skinny Cow ice cream sammie, chocolate this time.


After dinner, I got ready to go out for Court’s birthday. Of course I was running late and by the time I got down to the beach, everyone was already drunk and leaving early from the bars! So I ended up not drinking anything at all, and just chatting with Courtsie and her friends for a bit before heading back home. I got home a little after midnight and woke up this morning before 7 am. WHY?!?! I like early starts but I wouldn’t mind getting a few extra hours, ya know??

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Made sure to measure out all the ingredients for my pancakes & pizza
  2. Walked to do my errands instead of driving
  3. No late night snacking

The final fifteen minutes of Grey’s was awesome!!! I was freaking out, no big surprise there 🙂

Last night I had an epic dream involving my ex-boyfriend, his upcoming birthday, and all his friends, which was mildly traumatic. WHY are dreams so annoying sometimes?!?  I ended up waking up earlier than usual and got the morning started. Breakfast at work was the reg, with Heart to Heart this time instead of Honey Almond Flax.


Around 11:30, I started to feel weird and thought maybe I would make lunch early. But as soon as I stood up, I got intensely dizzy and nauseous. It felt like maybe my blood sugar dropped or something?  I say that because that happens to my mom a lot…. Anyway, one of the office girlies let me sit on her floor, in the attractive head-between-the-knees style, while she fed me a couple almonds and cashews.  It took me about 5 bites to eat each almond. I mean, seriously, what was going on with me?!?!  Then I laid down at my desk for a bit before the nuts kicked in and I felt ready to eat something substantial. Luckily my boss is out of town and everyone I work with is sweet as a peach, so no one minded when I turned out the lights and took a little head rest.

My client lunch got canceled today (thank god, right??) so I didn’t have to eat restaurant food AGAIN. How is it that the one week I decide I need to stop eating out so much I have to go out to lunch every day? Weird. I brought my favorite Lean Cuisine, leftover spaghetti squash, and a tiny leftover chicken strip from the other night. All mixed together! I was in total shock how good this tasted.


I should have just peaced out of work but I sucked it up and finished the day. I did skip the gym though and just stopped off at the car wash. My girl was diiiiiiiirtay! Now she is totally gorge. When I got home, Julia told me about her fresh homemade guacamole so I had to make a little tasting plate. How cute are these baby crackers?!


I could have kept snacking forever, so I decided to make dinner instead so I wouldn’t ruin my appetite. Side salad was quick and easy…


And I finished it off with a chile lime chicken burger and some sweet potato fries. You will be seeing a lot of these this weekend!!


Usually I go to sleep pretty late so I try to go to the gym or run errands after work so I can sit down for dinner between 8-9.  Tonight though, my plan is to get to bed earlier than usual so I got to eat before the sun set. It was nice!  I still wanted something sweet so out came the ice pop 🙂


Now I need to finish my laundry so I can get to bed early!! The three day weekend is SO CLOSE!

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Passed on cupcakes
  2. that came from SPRINKLES
  3. and included flavors like banana bread, red velvet, chocolate marshmallow, carrot pumpkin & coffee

Yes, that was worth all three. I turned down cupcakes from Sprinkles. Sometimes my willpower impresses even me 🙂

Night y’all!! Happy FRIDAY!