Have to make this somewhat quick because I have some writing to do for work…breakfast was the regular.


For lunch I had a big ole plate of health. My coworkers probably think I’m a little crazy! I topped the other half of my acorn squash with 1/4 block tempeh and a Green Giant 100-calorie steamer pack that contained snow peas, potatoes, and red peppers.


I feel healthy just looking at this stuff :)

I feel healthy just looking at this stuff 🙂

After lunch I did some more magazine reading and discovered The Food Network magazine. I’m seriously in love…the recipes in here look awesome!!!


Pretty sure you guys needed to see these chocolates!!!

Pretty sure you guys needed to see these chocolates!!!

Then Crystal Light had a party in my water and dyed that baby RED! MMM neon water, my fave.


I also had the best PB Fiber One bar for a pre-workout snack.


I braved traffic to hit the gym for 50 minutes on the elliptical. It felt good to sweat it out a bit!! After the gym, I did some hungry grocery shopping. Luckily I made a list and more or less stuck to it. The one extra thing I did buy was my Perfect 10 bagels!!!! Have you guys missed those or what?!?!

I wanted to make a little salad but my lettuce was slimy (ick), and then we are out of balsamic vinegar, so I ended up just putting together a bowl of grape tomatoes, mushrooms, red & green onions, basil, kosher salt, and a Misto spray of EVOO. Pretty good!


I used the last 1/3 of my homemade pizza dough to make a calzone with tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms and onions.  Love that!


Just to make sure I am keeping my meals on track, I counted the calories for this calzone…approximately 400! Awesome! I can only imagine how many more calories it would be if I had ordered it from a restaurant, right?!?

Right now I have to do some press release writing for work tomorrow; hopefully they won’t take too long! I’m planning to have one of these when I take a little break…


Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Wanted sweets after lunch but I refrained with mah Skinny Cow in mind
  2. Made it to the gym
  3. Measured out all the ingredients for my calzone

Wow, today was CRAZY! I started off the day right with an especially filling yogurt mess, featuring my last Oikos-coupon “purchase.” Here’s everything before and after!



This breakfast kept me plenty full for hours — love that!  The extra protein is definitely the #1 reason why I will keep buying this yogurt.  For lunch I tried out some TEMPEH.  Last night, I poached the entire package, then baked it with a drizzle of rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil for a little flavor. I don’t know if any of that changed the taste, but I didn’t want to marinate it because I was planning to make this sammy with HUMMUS. My final combo ended up being Oroweat Light bread, 1/4 package of tempeh, 2 tbsp hummus, and baked eggplant (just slices I roasted along with the tempeh), plus a couple roasted carrots on the side.  The tempeh was good!!! Definitely not as tasty as the one I had a few weeks back at RFD though. I need to check out some fancy ways to cook this baby!


Even though I was pretty full, I had my first GNU bar packed too and I was dying to test it out!  Today I grabbed the Orange Cranberry flavor.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the low calorie count on these guys!  It’s nice to get a bar that isn’t basically a meal replacement but a snack instead.  I loved the orange and cranberry flavors!  AND 12 grams of fiber.  Sweet!!  I will definitely be adding these to my bar rotation 🙂


How cute is that lil birdie?!?

After I ate, the day started getting crazy!!!  One of our clients is going on a press trip TOMORROW and we were still missing most of the information for the releases, so I was writing and calling and researching — frantically LOL. One of the guys in the office brought around some chocolate and it looked too good to pass up!  This Salty Dog was dark chocolate with butter toffee bits and sea salt. MMM!


I broke off a nice little square to taste test.  Salt and chocolate, could it BE any better?!


After my lil chocolate break, the frenzy resumed!!! I spent an hour reading every single sentence aloud to the client…very happy to send that off to her hotel to print! Yes, it was that last minute!  I had planned Target, Rite Aid, gym & library after work, but I got out a lot later than usual and was just seriously spent, so I went straight home.  Probably should have pushed through, but it was well-deserved I think!

For dinner, I was dreaming of some carby Italian food.  I made 1/2 cup (uncooked) WW pasta, a TJ chile lime chicken burger with ketchup schizzle drizzle, steamed broccoli, and the rest of my TJ eggplant.


This dinner really hit the spot! Now I am watching TBL finale. How cute does Mike look?? I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Ate a very protein & fiber packed lunch
  2. Kept myself to taste testing one square of chocolate
  3. Skipped the sweet treat after din-din (I really wanted some ice cream but needed a #3 so no dessert for me!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I won a gift card to Smoothie King from little miss Healthy Ashley!!!!!!! My first blog giveaway WIN!!! I used to work at a Smoothie King throughout high school and know all the secrets to ordering the perfect smoothie. Can’t wait to hit that place up again and throw them for a loop with my wacky drink order — it’s been too long.  Thanks Ashley!!