Tuesday breakfast I changed it up from the usual and had a Perfect 10 bagel with a thin spread of light whipped cream cheese, plus a cinnamon tossed apple on the side. Still no coffee! I have literally not had one minute to go to the store!!


Lunch was catered again by our nutrition at-home meal delivery client.  Today we dug into salad, steamed veggies, spiced chicken with capers, and some sort of grainy side.  Anyone have the name for this couscous/risotto mixture?


Here is a chicken close up! I had two of these pieces. The spice rub was really yummy 🙂


Plus seconds on salad


And a chocolate chip cookie 🙂


Lunch was big enough that I didn’t need a snack until the end of work, where I quickly sliced and ate a medium banana on its last leg. Dinner was good tasting but nutritionally awful. When I eat at home and prepare all 3 of my meals, I can usually keep it really healthy.  However, I ALWAYS seem to go over the top when I am eating out or snacking at a friend’s place — and I’ve been doing both of those things for the last week!  Tuesday night, I went to Courtney’s cute newish apartment where she laid out some yummy cheese and crackers, plus her mom’s secret southern specialty.  There were Tostitos scoop chips to get perfect bites of this extra good cheesey corn mixture. I had, literally, a million of these.


And there were AHmazing chocolate chip cookies. I had a half dozen of these. Why can’t I be more like a normal person and eat two instead of six??


Two crackers with cheddar and a glass of white finished off the night for me. I still felt belly heavy after the excess cookies by the time I got home and went right to sleep! The rest of the week is also going to be pretty screwy, foodwise.  I am trying not to focus on the fact that I’ve been eating so many sweets and not exercising because this is a special week (V-day, Ali visiting, MY BIRTHDAY)…and I want to just kick back and enjoy all that stuff! So the next few days I’m just gonna keep letting loose, and make a concerted effort starting next week to get back on the healthy eats/exercise train.  I’m thinking of doing a 2 week unlimited yoga pass too so I can detox a bit after all the food & drinks I’ve been having lately!

Upcoming this week — martini bar for pre-bday drinks, homemade pizza & ice cream cake, VEGAS! Get ready for lots of fun pictures 🙂


I am still kinda full from last night!! Yesterday morning I kicked off the day with a Perfect 10 Western Bagel and 2 tbsp TJ’s whipped light cream cheese.  This combo was only 220 calories! I also added an apple tossed in cinnamon.


At lunch I dug into leftovers from Thursday night.  I love making twice the amount of a really great meal the night before. I had two of these tacos and whatever stuffing I couldn’t pack in there!


I was still a little hungry, and it was Friday, so I treated myself to a grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte.  Continuing the cinnamon theme from breakfast I guess!


I was going to call it a day there since I was planning a big dinner later, but I got hungry around 4 and was going to the gym so I tried the Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar.


I really love Larabars, and I love chocolate and coconut, so I thought this one would be a sure thing. Honestly though, I couldn’t really taste either flavor.  It did have the amazing staying power of the other bars though, and lasted me through my workout and until I ate dinner at 9:30. Yes, 9:30!

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes with the assisted dip/chin machine and free weights.  I definitely pushed myself hard for the 45 minutes and could really feel it afterward! I met Steph at the grocery store where we proceeded to go to three places in the rain to get all our ingredients for dinner. Gotta do it right!  We started with a glass of my favorite Honey Moon. Here’s Steph cheering to getting home and starting the meal!


I pulled out the pizza stone that Steph gave me for Christmas (thanks love!!) and we started putting it together.


Here is our pizza pre-veggies:


And here it is after adding all the veggies. Now it looks like a salad LOL


All cooked up! YUM! I had two of these pieces.


Plus this mini guy for a final taste 🙂


We were planning to go to the movies but it was already after 10 and Steph has been dying to try Yogurtland, so we got froyo instead. I TRY not to go here too often, but I went last weekend too! Ooops. Here’s my mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and pistachio fat-free frozen yogurt with blueberries and mango on top.


But wait, check out the inside! Look at all those toppings. MMMMmmmm DELISH.


All this = beyond stuffed!!