This morning I woke up wanting to stay in bed ALL DAY LONG but since jobs frown on that kind of stuff, I made myself get in the shower and packed some 9 Grain Health for a pick-me-up. Really, I am OUT of most of my fruits, and a yogurt mess is just plain boring without 8 billion ingredients, so it was 2 slices of toast topped with 1 tbsp. Chocolate Dreams and 1 tbsp. cherry jelly for me!


Work went pretty quickly in the AM; lots to get done! For lunch, I did a last-second fridge grab and basically pulled out a few easy-to-assemble ingredients. My fridge is looking pretty bare, so I ended up with another Perfect 10 bagel topped with hummus and lemon peppered veggies on the side. At this point, I was sort of OVER the whole bread thing (can’t believe I am saying that!!) but when I debated going out and spending money on another meal and saving this one, I decided to just eat what I had, especially since the bagels are so filling.


Then I hit up cute boutiques for more sisterly birthday shopping. I didn’t find anything worth buying because I am the pickiest person ever and want to make sure her present makes her jump up and down screaming in happiness. I don’t think my expectations are too high, do you?! When I got back to the office, I dug into the second part of my lunch, a lemon Dannon Light & Fit yogurt topped with my remaining Farmers’ Market strawberries. Tomorrow is the FM again; perfect timing!! I’ve basically finished off most my fruits and roasted most my veggies.


I was still hungry in the afternoon so I had a Fiber One bar. I forget how low in calories those bagels are!! My whole bagel hummus combo was about 170 calories, so even with the veggies and yogurt…definitely not enough for me 🙂


This bar filled me up as usual! After work, I drove home through a sunshower; it hasn’t rained here in forever and the rain + sun combo was awesome and left a huge smile on my face!  Tonight I went to dinner with Katie Jo, Courtsie & Marissa for Courtney’s birthday. We hit up the Belmont, one of our favorite summer happy hour spots, for some drinks and good food. The four of us shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Here’s my glass!


KJ & the Birthday Girl!

KJ & the Birthday Girl!

For dinner, I wanted to eat something super filling. Otherwise, I just go home and snack! I ended up getting a burger that I ate without the bun & cheese. It was delicious!! The four of us split the sweet potato fries on the side, but I hogged the pickles to myself 🙂


Happy Birthday Courtney!!! We love YOU!!!



Right now I am watching TV and contemplating sleep. I can’t believe it’s already almost Thursday! I have a very exciting weekend coming up…:)

Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Skipped Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake taste-testing at the office (I’ll just have a slice of the final pick tomorrow!!)
  2. Ate my burger without cheese & without the bun and split my sweet potato fries with the table
  3. No snacking at home after dinner

Friday night I passed out on the couch, full from cookies and pizza and totally unable to even think about getting up to go to bed. I woke up at 4:30 AM all snuggled up with the kittens and moved to my room to get some more zzzs.  When I woke a few hours later, I remembered a recipe for zucchini pancakes that I came across in my Ina Garten cookbook while deciding what cookies to bake. I’ve made these before but it’s been a while so I whipped up a batch for breakfast. Unlike regular pancakes, these puppies take a while to cook on the frying pan, so the whole experiment took about an hour from start to finish. They were a fun change though from my usual!


Green! This plate comes in at 250 calories.



After breakfast, I hit the gym for 50 minutes on the elliptical. I was feeling sort of headachy and blah, so I added some coconut water to my bottle for extra electrolytes. I love this stuff!!!


I still wasn’t feeling so hot after the gym, so I came home and scrounged around for Advil before making lunch. How do I not have Advil?! Luckily, Julia’s got the goods. After my scavenger hunt, I made exactly what I was craving — yogurt mess!! Betcha thought I was skipping it today, huh 🙂


I had some roasted veggies on the side. My NEW favorite thing!


And cookies & milk for dessert…


I was SO SNACKY! I haven’t really been that way the last couple of weeks, but I couldn’t stop thinking about food yesterday! I tried to get out of the house and do some errands, but eatin was on my brain. Do you guys ever have days where no matter how much you rationalize to yourself that you aren’t really hungry, you just want to eat and eat?? So I made myself a healthy snack plate with a gala apple, green beans and hummus 🙂


Of course this did nothing to quell my sweet tooth, so I had another cookie! After my snacking, TV watching and apartment cleaning, I got ready for my birthday dinner date with Stephanie.  We tried a place neither of us had ever been to called Akasha in Culver City. It was so cute!! According to the restaurant’s site:

At AKASHA we feel that local, organic, and handcrafted ingredients are the key to great tasting cuisine. Our purveyors include small family farms, organic growers, sustainable and fair trade companies, and artisan food makers.

I love how places like this are a dime a dozen in SoCal. Good food definitely isn’t hard to come by!  Even though the place had a killer cocktail list, we ordered nice cold glasses of Reisling to enjoy with our meal.


We each had a slice of this nutty, seed-filled bread.


For dinner, I started with a bowl of the black bean soup. It was so smooth and delicious!


I got the red quinoa with orange-soy glazed chicken and veggies for my main dish. I felt so clean and healthy eating this meal! The sauce on the chicken was fantastic.


We were so torn between the desserts; they all sounded amazing!! We ended up going with the waitress’s recommendation, a chocolate peanut torte with choc PB gelatto (and some lemon verbena ice cream for Steph!). This tasted just like a slightly creamier fudge. MMM!


After we finished, the manager needed us to move for some reason (we never found out why, huh Steph??) so he relocated us to the bar and treated us to a round of drinks. I had half of another Reisling. Cheers birthday girl! We ended up staying at the restaurant for a good three hours.  We needed major catch-up time and just gabbed the night away 🙂


I got home after midnight and scooted into bed with a book and a stack of chocolate chip cookies. Yes, a stack!!! I’m serious you guys…I couldn’t stop snacking! Besides, is there anything better than cookies & milk in bed? I think NO.



I woke up Sunday morning ready to get back to basics — yogurt mess of course!


After breakfast settled, I hit the gym for 50 minutes of ellipticalling. I tried to sweat out some of that cookie stack LOL. For lunch I made an egg beaters veggie omelet with mushrooms, basil & red onion. I toasted up a Perfect 10 bagel topped with hummus and green beans on the side.


After lunch I ran some errands. I snacked on a cinnapple and some coffee to ward off the munchies!


As always, this did the trick! After another errand, I came back and watched TV/rested on the couch. I felt like such a slug all weekend! For some reason, I just couldn’t seem to shake the tired/hungry feeling.  My little moo shu porkie pie took a nap with me. Isn’t she cute??


I finally roused myself to make some dinner, another delicious veggie bake. This big bowl had fresh basil, yellow peppers, red onions, sweet potato cheetahs, carrots, a chile lime chicken burger, eggplant and 1/2 of a portabello, with some ketchup for dipping.



After dinner, the snack attack came back! I had a mint chocolate chip Skinny Cow which quieted my sweet tooth…


…but THEN I settled down to watch the rest of Maneater on Lifetime and had some more cookies and milk!! My sweet tooth was putting all sorts of demands on me this weekend. By the way, anyone else watch this Lifetime special and thing it was such a fun movie?! I didn’t realize until halfway through that it was based on a book I’ve already read (man, that Gigi Levangie Grazer is rocking the made-for-TV thing…Starter Wife was her’s too!).  I actually liked the movie more than I liked the book!

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Made my pancakes with vegetables!
  2. Ordered a healthy entree at dinner
  3. Didn’t finish my second glass of wine

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Made time for an early morning workout
  2. Cooked my omelet dry & with egg beaters
  3. Had my bagel with hummus instead of PB (already enough protein in that bagel, ya know??)

Today I have my big Monday morning meeting but after I get through that, the day shouldn’t be too bad. I can’t believe it’s already June! Los Angeles is out of May Gray and now into June Gloom. Forecast calls for clouds all week, BOO! When I first moved out here, I thought it was nice always but yeah, that’s a lie. I can’t wait for the sun to come back out and play!! Hope y’all are kicking off the week with a bang 🙂

I love having this extra day! Sunday morning I woke up before 7 AM. Apparently my body definitely hasn’t gotten the weekend/vacation memo!! I made a cup of that gorgeous Godiva chocolate and a yogurt mess.



I finished my breakfast, posted, and caught up on your lives all before 8:30!  I spent the rest of the morning relaxing and doing too much nothing. I tried to lay down for a bit but didn’t fall asleep. Around 11, my stomach started growling but I wanted to head down to the beach for lunch, so I had half a Ginger Snap Larabar to tide me over. It shut up my belly immediately and ended up keeping me full for another 3 hours!


I headed down to Santa Monica & Third Street Promenade. This spot is one of my absolute favorite places in LA. The Promenade is filled with restaurants and shops and people everywhere.  Families, friends, couples — every body walks around in the sun, happy, enjoying the palm trees and bright, beachy colors. Yesterday, there were tons of people rollerblading, biking, tanning, picnicking, and flying kites.


I did a tiny bit of window shopping before stopping by Panera to grab some lunch. Then I drove down and found a nice sunny spot in a little park to eat my half Mediterranean sandwich (without the feta), black bean soup, and french baguette.



I ate my lunch while reading The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee. I’m not too far into the book but I like it so far. It’s not amazing but it’s different…


I didn’t bring a bathing suit to the beach though, BOO! It ended up being pretty warm and I probably could have laid out for a bit. When I got home, I got to see Julia!!! Poor girl has been working like crazy. We made plans to go out with some of her friends for appetizers and drinks. In an attempt to fill my belly a little bit before going out, I had some watermelon and heated cinnapple cubes. These little snacks did a great job of keeping me from ordering a ton of food once we finally sat down for dinner at the restaurant!



Julia convinced me to walk the 2+ miles to the bar…she’s so good like that! At dinner, the two of us split a tuna burger topped with guacamole and onions, with some mixed greens on the side. I also had one glass of white wine and one glass of pink champagne, interspersed with a couple of diet Cokes. I am so happy that I ended up having just two drinks; if I had kept pace with the group, it would have been more like four or five, easily!

Afterwards, we dropped sleepy Julia at home and I went out with the boys to Barney’s Beanery. Sunday is karaoke night and the bar was SO PACKED. The singing was v. entertaining!! And by entertaining of course I mean ridiculously funny.  We played some pool and I majorly sucked. The guys ordered a couple pitchers of beer and even though they kept my glass full, I only had maybe half of one glass all night. I’m not really the biggest beer fan so it was easy to sip slowly! I had 2 1/2 drinks in the 6 hours I was out at the bars…I’m so happy about that!!! It usually would be so many more in that long time span.

I got home around 2 AM and made myself a bowl of yogurt with some blueberries and 1/4 cup Kashi Heart to Heart. I don’t want to make nighttime snacking a habit but I definitely needed this to get to sleep because my dinner was so light!

Today I slept in until 8:30 — big steps, right?!? I see another yogurt mess on my horizon, with more of that delicious coffee!! Hope everyone is enjoying their extra long weekend. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever said YAY MONDAY!!!!!!!

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Ate a light snack before dinner to fill me up BEFORE the restaurant
  2. Split a tuna burger with Julia & didn’t eat any of the fries or pizza on the table
  3. Broke up my drinks with diet Cokes

Hi everyone, hope you all had an awesome weekend!  Sorry I have been MIA…I hate not being able to post but my computer was SO SLOW yesterday and every word took five minutes to type!! Why?!?  Anyway, I’m here now!! Okay, backtrack. Friday morning I woke up a little early and shredded before work.  It was great getting it out of the way and then I didn’t have to worry about it, which was nice. I kicked off the morning with the usual. So many good fruits, finally!


I was planning to eat the rest of my stir fry from Thursday for lunch, but at noon my boss paged the whole office on our phone intercoms and asked who wanted to go out! YAY! He hates leaving the office with no one there and sending calls to voicemail, but we did it anyway and all went to lunch — at Bloomies.  Only my boss decides to eat at a department store! And yes, it was all sweet old ladies there, and us HAHA.  I had a little piece of bread when we first sat down and then proceeded to order an amazing sandwich that had grilled chicken, avocado, cranberries, figs and some other good things that I am clearly forgetting in a sun-dried tomato wrap. AHH it was great! I also got some fries on the side, which I promptly split in half and gave the rest to our just-announced preggers VP.  She is so tiny and healthy and has just started ordering a grilled cheese every afternoon. I love it.  Sometimes work drives me crazy, but the people I work with are pretty darn cool. We had such a good time at lunch together…all of us talking at once and sharing food off each others plates.  It’s cute!

After a fun lunch, the rest of the afternoon went pretty quickly.  I got home and decided to take advantage of the nice weather with my good friend, 2 buck chuck.  Isn’t he sweet??


I had a nice glass outside with a pre-dinner snack, yogurt mess!!!! I made this one slightly smaller than usual just to tide me over to our late dinner. I can’t drink wine and then not eat til 10 PM, just doesn’t happen!!! I think I might turn into this yummy creation, I eat it that much…


Julia and I got all gussied up & as soon as her friend Jen headed over to our place, of course I couldn’t find my wallet.  I looked EVERYWHERE and then drove all the way back to my office…still no wallet. 40 minutes later, I got home and remembered I put it in my gym bag. DUH!!!!!!!! We hollered for a taxi and headed out to Yatai, our fave Asian tapas place.

We started with some cold bamboo sake and beers, but I ended up passing along the sake and drinking most of this Ginger beer and most of the Berry beer we ordered.  Flavored beer rocks!!


For dinner, Julia and I split a bunch of the dishes we order every time, including the best CA roll in all existance.


And some insanely delicious crispy rice with spicy tuna.


Plus a newcomer to the usual rotation, tempura pumpkin with curry salt. OMFG.


Last but absolutely definitely not least, popcorn shrimp. I wish I could share a bite of this with everyone!!


After our amazing meal, we headed back down to Santa Monica Blvd and Bar Lubitsch, which is luckily right by our apt and an easy walk home at the end of the night.  Julia, Jen & I enjoyed a few free shots with Jen’s friends and some dancing.  Jules and I ended the night with some extra-flirty action on our parts. I may have gotten a text at 3 AM about my great looking ass, but of course, that was just factual reporting. Obviously. Julia & I smartly stayed awake chatting for a while after we got home, and I made us La Tortillas toasted with a bit of Chocolate Dreams. Perfect for sweet dreams to follow!


Three Things for Friday

  1. Shared my fries at lunch
  2. Ordered my wrap without cheese or dressing
  3. Split all my dinner plates with Julia

We woke up Saturday morning needing BREAKFAST stat. I actually slept until 9, which is possibly the latest I’ve slept in years. We headed out to Venice to check out Flake, a really cute cereal restaurant. 


While you can order eggs & such, the star of Flake is the huge list of cereals and toppings!!  I got a bowl with one scoop frosted mini wheats, one scoop raisin bran, topped with bananas and blueberries and served with skim milk.  This place is perfect for when you are craving some cereal but don’t necessarily want to go out and get a whole box of just one kind. And it surprisinly held me over for a really long time!


All mixed up!!!!!


Plus a really frothy non-fat chai latte on the side. 


Here’s where I become a bad food blogger, no pictures of the rest of Saturday, sorry!!! So after breakfast, I headed down to Laguna Beach for Becky’s big going-away party.  I got to the beach at that awkward time when it’s too late for lunch but eating a big meal would spoil my dinner. Luckily, I had a Nature’s Valley bar in my beach bag, probably from last summer. Whatever, it did the trick! It wasn’t hot at the beach, but we played some bocce ball and the sun came out around 4, so we got a few rays!

Back at the house, we raided Becky’s closet filled with lots of things she can’t take to NYC (I scored tons of cute clothes and a pair of Gucci heels that are a wee bit too big but I’m determined to make fit anyway!!) and drank the house Cosmo Lights while doing our fashion show.  A ton more people showed up, including Becky’s friends from high school and friends of the family.  Her dad made an awesome taco bar with tortillas, chicken, rice & beans, homemade guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa & cheese.  I had two tortillas plus a few handfuls of chips with the killer guac. He made a HUGE container, which the party devoured in no time!!!  The food fest was followed by many games of beer pong in the front yard. I promise I will take pictures of the next Laguna weekend to share with y’all!!!!  We also made Becky cry when we gave her the scrapbook made secretly during the party, where everyone made a page with photos and notes, like a way-cooler yearbook.  I am going to miss her so much!!!

Julia came down when she got off work, carrying a big bag of muffins from her restaurant. Perfect to fill our bellies before bed 🙂 Sunday morning, I woke up and settled down in the living room with another half muffin (strawberry, MMM) and Twilight #3.  Julia woke up a little bit later and we snuck out of the house for a bit to pick up coffees and flowers for Kate & Becky’s mom.  I called my mom too and she got my package and loved it!  I was sad that I couldn’t be there with her to make her breakfast in bed and spend the day together but I talked to her at least 5 times so it felt like I was there a little bit 🙂


When J & I got back to the Laguna house from our errands, everyone else was awake and Becky was whipping up a huge breakfast for her parents and the little group of us that spent the night.  The spread included a gorgeous Mexican frittata…


…lots of bagels…


…and tons of toppings, like smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and capers!!



My brain was bigger than my belly, and I topped two big bagel halves and cut a little slice of frittata.  I ate one of the bagel sandwiches and most of the frittata.  It was amazing!


After our big meal, we all just laid around and read books for a bit, waiting for the sun to come out.  When it looked like the clouds were sticking around for the rest of the day, we all gave Becky big kisses and headed back to LA.  I brought along the other half of my bagel, which made for a perfect late lunch when I got back to the city.


The rest of the day was spent cleaning my room, doing laundry, attempting to blog, and finishing off Twilight #3 in between.  Throughout the rest of the day, I sporadically snacked on a few different things, including strawberries,


5 leftover TJ multigrain & flaxseed crackers with hummus,


salad with baked tofu,


some shirataki tofu noodles mixed with 1/4 cup tomato sauce, basil, S & P,


and the final scoop of TJ organic soy-creamy non-ice cream ice cream.


Man, I love the weekend!  Sunday nights are always so relaxing and bittersweet at the same time, you know??  This week is looking pretty busy because I have a lot to get done before leaving Thursday night for Boston to see my Rachiekins! Hope you are all having a good Monday, can’t wait to catch up on your fun lives 🙂

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Skipped the Lucky Charms & Cinnamon Toast Crunch @ Flake
  2. Ate a light snack between breakfast and dinner so I wouldn’t fill up
  3. Cut my Cosmo in half with soda water

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Saved half of my breakfast for lunch
  2. Made salad & shirataki instead of continuing to snack
  3. Ate a healthy dessert portion (you can’t tell from the picture, but I just had one scoop and then closed down the kitchen!)

Yesterday was such a busy day at work! We had meeting after meeting after meeting. Hmm yup, three meetings!! I managed to eat some low-sugar apple cinnamon instant oatmeal with a banana nuked in there after meeting #1. Fluffiness!! I am OUT of frozen fruit and fresh fruit and probably won’t get to the store until Thursday night. HORRORS!!! No yo-mess until then 😦


You all pretty excited to check out my lunch, huh?? Well I ate this puppy after running to the store for one more thing for my mom and about 5 minutes before another meeting. This is the other half of the chicken from Tuesday. Look at how paper thin it is!!! I also had a bunch of raw broccoli on the side, this serving times 5 maybe? I love raw veggies but right then my stomach was thinking HMMM…


I skipped the veggie pasta because there wasn’t enough time! Instead, I snacked on some trail mix a little later. There were a couple almonds in this fuzzy handful that got picked out before I snapped a pic 🙂


I also had a blueberry z-bar. I think this might have been the first time I tried this flavor and I loved it! So much more than honey graham or chocolate brownie.


After trying to finish up a few things once the clients peaced out, I headed over to Steph’s house for Twilight time!!  She has been wanting me to see this movie FOREVER and our opposite schedules have been making that impossible.  Anyway, she got me reading the books a few weeks back and that’s when I knew I had to make this movie date happen!  I needed to see all that deadly luurve firsthand 🙂

I settled down with a small glass of red.


Steph made some lovely whole wheat crust pizzas.  We did one with tomato sauce, very light cheese and spinach & another with pesto, cheese and sliced tomatoes. I had a piece of each!


We also had side salads of broccoli slaw and shredded cabbage topped with balsamic vin. Aren’t these black & white bowls cute??


The movie was good! We couldn’t stop talking about how the clothes were seriously wack. Can’t vampires wear better threads?!? Also, makeup job was not so hot.  But I loved the awkwardness between Bella & Edward, high school hotness!! Steph whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for post-movie consumption.  I had two of these little delights. Love hot dessert!


Then Steph, her boyfriend Josh and I took a run down memory lane and discussed psycho exes. Josh & I were battling stories, but I like to think that I clearly won.  It was so good seeing my girlie!  Photo OPP!!!


So I got home a little after 11 and found out that you CAN do the shred that late at night! I did half but then got sidetracked by some roommate bonding, which is always #1!! I ended up continuing the cookie streak by eating THREE of these cookies. They are so good and will be marching out of our place tomorrow so I don’t eat them all!


Today I woke up right with my alarm and instead of hitting snooze, I finished the last half of the shred. Woop woop! At the office, I made a v. pathetic yogurt mess. It’s all one color! I just had bananas and figs for this one.


Luckily lunch was much more colorful! I tried to hold off on eating but was tummy-growling hungry and dug in right before noon.  I ate my leftover chicken fajitas with some 100-cal pack guac and two tortillas.  I snagged one tortilla from the restaurant (prob uber unhealthy) and one from my pack of La Tortilla Factory (very healthy!!!).  Everyone in my office couldn’t stop saying how delicious my food smelled and I had to agree!


After eating, I strolled over to the Farmer’s Market and picked up an eggplant, string beans, green onions, radishes, 3 packs of strawberries, carrots, and cherries for $12. Love the Farmer’s Market! I dug into some of the strawberries and cherries.  My breakfast is gonna be bangin tomorrow with this fruit!!


A little later, I had my favorite Cherry Pie Larabar for some pre-workout fuel.


Yes! I finally made it to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical AND did the shred when I got home. YAY! Tonight for dinner, I made an awesome stir fry using some of the stuff I got from the Farmer’s Market, plus tofu and shirataki noodles. BOMB! Julia came home planning to make a stir fry too so I got to steal some of her delicious sweet chili sauce, which worked perfectly drizzled on top!


It’s HOT in LA right now. People deal with heat by eating an ice pop.


Cats deal with heat by chillaxin in the bathroom sink!



Oops, almost forgot. My computer is going sooooooo slowly right now! Okay…

Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Skipped the pasta at lunch
  2. Poured a smaller glass of wine
  3. Ate two slices of pizza instead of the three I could have easily finished!

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Only packed one of the restaurant tortillas to eat with lunch
  2. Ate half the guacamole on my plate
  3. Saved half of my stir fry for another meal

Saturday morning I woke up to another yogurt mess. MMM dreamy! I also had a few extra handfuls of Kashi straight from the box while catching up with emails and blogs. Oops. That stuff is addictive sometimes!


I was in a little funk yesterday, so I spent a very lazy day doing a lot of nothing.  I had carb cravings like WHOA, but I cooked up a bowl of mixed veggies so I could get my greens in with my whites.


Then I made a serving of plain Jane white elbow macaroni.  Just pasta and salt!


After I answered my carb cravings, my chocolate cravings started calling. I had two Cadbury eggs, almost the end of my Easter stash.


After the pasta and chocolate, I felt a big sleep coming on.  I took a long nap and woke up refreshed, bad mood gone!  Just in time for my big night out, whew. Before showering, I knocked off Day 2 of shredding. I talked to my mom earlier as she was out buying some weights. Apparently she did Level 1 with EIGHT POUND WEIGHTS and called me to tell me that it was a bit hard and maybe she should get lighter weights. Yes, mom, yes. So she picked up a set of 5 pounders. My mom is wicked strong if you haven’t guessed!

Then while getting dressed and ready, I had a cinnamon sprinkled apple.


Followed by a quick and easy filling dinner inspired by Julia — herb seasoned chicken and a sweet potato. YUM! I definitely need to start eating more meals like this one. My roommate lives on chicken and veggies and I am much more of a bread and pasta kind of girl…I want to start stealing some of her meal habits though!


Plus a glass of red. A must to get your makeup looking perfect, I say.


Last night ended up being sort of crazy and very random. I went out with one of the girls from work and her friends. We wound up in a stretch Hummer limo?? I felt like I was in high school on the way to prom, weird. Then we ended the night dancing at Foxtail, which was fun. I had a couple vodka sodas…apparently, one too many because I woke up today so hung over!  Julia saved my life with a huge glass of water and a handful of Excedrin.  I think this might be the first morning in as long as I can remember that I didn’t wake up ready for breakfast.  I managed to lay around until noon before I could even think about food!

Finally, I grabbed a book and went to visit Julia at her restaurant, Newsroom. I switched from my usual Brazilian Bowl and got an egg white scramble made with green chile-pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and caramelized onions, plus potatoes and my all time favorite 9-grain bread.  This stuff is the only thing I will give up morning yogurt messes to eat instead!  I ended up eating about half the eggs, most the potatoes, and both slices of bread — topped with strawberry jelly — obviously!


I also had a piece of chicken sausage on the side. Newsroom has amazing chicken sausage!


After my brunch, I hit a bunch of stores to do some birthday/Mother’s Day shopping. I had a little bit of success, but I still need more, augh! I just haven’t been finding very many cute things lately. Of course, I managed to find awesome shorts for myself. Funny how it always works out that way, hmm 🙂

I snacked on a slice of bread that I took from brunch while walking around. Julia promised to bring some of the heels as soon as they fill up a bag with them. Can’t wait for that!


By the time I got home after a few more errands, it was a little after 6 and I was starting to get hungry again. I had my last apple (must buy more!!) with some cinnamon, surprise!


Then I shredded with Jilly-o.  I definitely felt the movements in my chest today while doing push-ups and some of the weights!

Julia and I decided to walk to Real Food Daily, an amazing organic, vegan restaurant. By the time we got there, it was already 8:30 and we were so hungry!! I ended up getting an awesome make-your-own bowl with greens, veggies, blackened tempeh, and millet & quinoa. I picked Lime Cilantro sauce for dipping on the side. They make all their dressings at the restaurant, and this one contains olive oil, rice vinegar, rice syrup, onion, citrus, herbs & spices. It was so good!!


This meal was crazy filling.  It was also my first time trying tempeh. I was pleasantly surprised. I can only imagine how much protein this packs! I can’t wait to pick some up to use in future meals. The walk home helped me make a little room for some froyo with sprinkles 🙂


I had such a great day today, but I really need to get better with time management. I mean, it’s almost 1 AM and I have to be up soon for work. This happens to me every Sunday!

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Ate a healthy, protein-packed dinner before going out
  2. Skipped the tables ladled with candy and chips at the pre-party
  3. No drunken snacking/cereal overload when I got home

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Took my time eating brunch and stopped when I was full
  2. Didn’t get a Blizzard at the mall, even though it’s the only Dairy Queen I’ve seen within 30 minutes of my place. (There’s something about not having DQ readily available when the craving strikes that makes me feel like I have to get it whenever I am at this mall!)
  3. Walked to dinner instead of driving (3.5 miles round trip)

Hi everybody! Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am relaxing and enjoying my morning cup of joe. Still pretty tired after the 12 hours I spend driving yesterday so I could go to Pebble Beach Food & Wine. It was awesome!! I have so much I want to share with you guys so look for all that jazz later today!

Friday I woke up very happy about the impending weekend. Whew, this week was a real creeper for me!! I had a really great mess for breakfast.


At lunch, Stephanie picked me up from the office and we headed over to Poquito Mas for burritos. I got the Nature’s Grill again — the eggplant/black beans combo is killer! No cheese or sour cream needed, simply pure veggie delight. And I kept my fingers out of the basket of chips only to discover that just the burrito itself will keep me full! Surprise, surprise 🙂


Can you tell that I’m loving neon lately?!

I also grabbed my payday Starbucks, an iced coffee this time, for a late afternoon pick-me-up.


After work, I raced home to get ready for my first Dodgers game! I snacked on this oddly non-juicy green apple with cinnamon.


For the game, the girls picked up beers and I grabbed this very cute mini bottle of Chardonnay for less than $2!


I THOUGHT dinner at the game would be Dodger dogs and hot pretzels but Becky brought ingredients for salads and whipped up these individual dinners for us at the game. How cute is that?!?


Our salads had spinach, peppers, walnuts, goat cheese, avocado, seasoned & grilled shrimp, and homemade dressing.  It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


Plus a piece of olive bread on the side.


Becky, you ROCK!!!

I had another glass of wine at the game. Wait, make that plastic cup.


We had awesome seats behind home plate. The Dodgers were losing when we showed up, but we must have been their good luck charm for the night because they won the game! Go team!!!


Manny Ramirez making solid contact!!


Here we are with our game faces!! Oh yeah, India is munching on our dessert — baby carrots! Yes, the people around us eating greasy food were both amused and jealous. Well, we are assuming the jealous part after all the oohing and ahhing we did over Becky’s food!!




What a great night!!

So my sister and I had a long talk and we were discussing healthier habits in general. I decided that each day I will do 3 things, or make 3 choices, that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. These things can be small, they just have to be conscious decisions to do something differently.

Three Things for Friday

1) Skipped on tortilla chips at the Mexican restaurant at lunch

2) Went with Steph to get froyo after eating but listened to my “full” body cues and didn’t get any

3) Ate salad for dinner at the game and refrained from eating hot dogs or pretzels or nachos or any of that stuff

There you have it! I am amazed at how those 3 little things on Friday probably saved me hundreds of calories. Hopefully this will jump start a healthier mindset!!

I’m headed down to Laguna to finish out the weekend with a beach day but will definitely post tonight about Pebble Beach!! Peace out 🙂