Brunch was just as good as I thought it would be! I walked over to the restaurant and we scored a table outside.  It’s amazing out here, in the 70s, so perfect for outdoors weekend brunching 🙂

I started with the French Press for one.


It made a couple mean cups of coffee! With skim milk and splenda:


Steph and the other girls stuck with water, boooring.


I decided to go with the espresso semi-sweet chocolate chip pancakes. A stack comes with three, but I just ordered one.  These guys are HUGE!


That weird circle in the middle is from the pat of butter I promptly scooped up off the pancakes. I hate, hate, hate butter. I don’t mind it when cooking with it, but for some reason I can’t stand the taste of butter on potatoes, toast, bagels, corn…ick! I’d much rather eat all those things plain. Ok, back to pancakes. I ate the portion where the fork is. The other missing slice is some that I shared. I had some bites from Steph’s delish pumpkin pancake too!


Look at those leftovers! Breakfast tomorrow maybe?


The walk back home was quick but good for digestion 🙂 A little bit later, I had some grapes to get a lil fruit into the day!


The kitten babies wanted to eat them too…luckily I shooed them off right before they took a bite! Those guys will try to eat anything, its weird. I thought that was a dog thing??


Now I am going out to enjoy this sunny “summer” day in January! Ahh how I love you California. Check out the view from my bedroom 🙂

my view from bed

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!