Ah Monday! Today I tried the “fake it to make it” trick and it really worked! I left work with a big smile on my face and ready for a fun night. Oh yeah, the other trick to a good Monday — making plans for a relaxing night 🙂

The day started with an exceptionally good yogurt mess, packed with frozen blueberries, frozen mango, bananas, strawberries and cereal.


We had our regular Monday morning meeting, which is never fun. It does move the day along pretty quickly though. For lunch I had a side salad of broccoli slaw and mushrooms topped with a lil balsamic vinaigrette.


I also had a La Tortilla turkey wrap with Popchips on the side.  The turkey was on its last leg (ick) but it did the trick.  This meal holds me over like WHOA.


After lunch I took a nice little walk to get some fresh air. It might be chillayy but at least that sun is shinin!!  I got snacky around 4 but decided to just save my appetite for dinner. It was a multi-course meal — my favorite kind!  I started with a little bit of Honey Moon.


Followed by 1/2 cup salted edamame, nom nom!


And a TJ veggie eggroll. I love how these are so easy to make AND low-calorie…could it be any better?!


My roomie was inspired by her trip home to make some Hmong cuisine.  Apparently St. Paul has one of the largest (if not THE largest) urban Hmong populations in the WORLD so restaurants there are aplenty.  LA however doesn’t seem to have any Hmong restaurants (if you know otherwise, let me know, Julia will be so happy!) so she decided to whip up some on her own.  And graciously share with me of course! While she was cooking, I nibbled on a few carrots and broccoli florets dipped in spicy chipotle hummus.


Julia’s dish contained lean pork, veggies, garlic, EVOO, lemongrass and lots of spice…jalapenos and chile paste! My mouth was on FIRE. It was amazing 🙂


Right now we are watching Nurse Jackie and I am contemplating a Skinny Cow to finish off the night. Can you picture it? Probably — here’s a gratuitous shot anyway 🙂


On another good note, my girl Amy gave me the One Lovely Blog Award; isn’t she the sweetest?? I love the pretty roses. Thanks for the Monday pick-me-up girlie!!!


I’m supposed to pass this along to another seven people; my bad if you already received it!

  1. Lara, with her fabulous food and adventures across the pond!
  2. Diana, with the best photography skills, hands down!
  3. Kaneil, with her bubbly personality and great advice!
  4. Kailey, with her undying love for PB!
  5. Jess, with her wicked photo recaps!
  6. Biz, with her fabulous meal plans and savory breakfasts!
  7. Coco, with her brilliant food — everything always sounds delicious!

Hope everyone had a great Monday.  See y’all tomorrow!


This morning I woke up on time, meaning I actually showered, YAY! I mixed it up for breakfast with a bowl of microwave low-sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal with 1/2 banana. I love how the ripe bananas get so sweet and fluffy!


After breakfast I did some work and discovered Google Reader. Yup, just jumping on that bandwagon!!  For lunch, I made a Perfect 10 bagel with 1 tbsp. Better ‘N Peanut Butter and 1 tbsp. Chocolate Dreams, with some frozen veggies on the side. I like the Better ‘N PB but when you are eating it at the same time as Chocolate Dreams, you just can’t compare!!!


I saved this yummy bite for last 🙂


After lunch I left the office for some errands and fresh air. The rest of the afternoon was taken up by a meeting with my favorite client! After they left, I ate the rest of my lunch, a salad topped with a lil Catalina Free.


I also taste tested a few Honey Wheat pretzels. My coworkers are HOOKED on these things!!


When I got home, my roommate surprised me with a big bag of leftover bread from her restaurant. YAY!! I immediately toasted a slice of 9 Grain Health and topped it with cherry jelly. AH-mazing!!


Then we walked to Target, which was a nice way to get my legs moving.  We got home around 9 and then I centered dinner around more bread, of course! I cooked up 1/2 portobello and some eggplant, pepper & carrot slices which I used to top one slice of bread and half a pretzel roll. The pretzel roll was topped with caraway seeds, which I haven’t tasted in so long. I forgot how much I love this flavor! Think I got enough carbs in this meal?!


For dessert, I am having my Skinny Cow with a side of Housewives. Dang Jersey girls!!! Danielle is not helping my state look good :/ Sketchball!!


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Added lots of veggies to my lunch
  2. Saved part of lunch for an afternoon snack
  3. Didn’t eat candy at our meeting (Swedish Fish & Sour Patch Kids everywhere!)

Almost hump day! I have a lot to get done tomorrow. Is anyone else having a busy week?? Hope it’s a good one 🙂

I can’t believe it’s hump day already!!! My humps! Breakfast was the regular.  Doesn’t it look goooood?!?


After breakfast I called about 8 million editors and got in touch with three. Gah. All morning, I sipped on my latest discovery, a sparkler from Cascadia.  I picked up Black Cherry, Lime & White Grape last night at the grocery store to taste test! I am totally loving it!!  It is sweetened with Splenda though, so I don’t want to go crazy overboard with it I guess, but it worked amazingly today for a taste of sweet after my meals. This would be perfect for making low cal cocktails too!


Right at noon, I dug into Monday night’s leftovers. More TJ action!


After lunch, I took a little walk outside. I was in a FOG all day today and I just couldn’t shake it! The fresh air helped…a lil bit.  Around 3, I went for another walk with my work girlies for some iced coffee.  I also whipped out the biggest cinnapple ever!!! I put half in a bowl and nuked it for 2 minutes for some faux warm apple pie filling. The other half I started to eat cold and crunchy but the hot apples were so much better that I ended up cooking those too. I can’t believe I forgot about this easy, yummy treat! Nothing but apples & cinnamon and it was still perfectly sweet.

Look at all those slices! Jumbo apple, right?!

Look at all those slices! Jumbo apple, right?!

Hot apple deliciousness

Hot apple deliciousness

Okay, I’ll stop boring you with the endless apple discussion! After work, I met up with the office girls at Runyon Canyon for a hike. I just wasn’t feeling the gym today. This time, the fresh air kicked my fog for good! The trails were decently crowded as usual. The people watching at Runyon is awesome. I seriously stare people down. So many gorgeous shirtless men! And Jessica Biel today! She was walking her puppers 🙂

We hiked for maybe an hour, hour & a half before splitting up and heading home for food. Tonight I made the BOSSIEST salad ever.  Sorry Homegirl for stealing your vocab, but that’s the only word to describe it!  This baby had some lettuce blend, green onions, red onions (hmm double onions, no kissing for me tonight), mushrooms, grape tomatoes, baked tempeh squares, a few mango slices, a sprinkle of spaghetti squash, and some Catalina free dressing.


I ate the rest of the spaghetti squash salted on the side!


Right now I am watching Grey’s!!! I am so behind & I can’t wait to see this finale everyone is talking about! Just munching on some popcorn, the whole grain Target brand kind. I love this stuff!! A huge bag is 100 calories or less 🙂


Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Ordered iced coffee instead of a light frap at Starbucks
  2. Skipped the usual pre-workout bar (that apple was enormous, did I mention that already?!)
  3. Picked popcorn for my TV snack

Hi everyone, hope you all had an awesome weekend!  Sorry I have been MIA…I hate not being able to post but my computer was SO SLOW yesterday and every word took five minutes to type!! Why?!?  Anyway, I’m here now!! Okay, backtrack. Friday morning I woke up a little early and shredded before work.  It was great getting it out of the way and then I didn’t have to worry about it, which was nice. I kicked off the morning with the usual. So many good fruits, finally!


I was planning to eat the rest of my stir fry from Thursday for lunch, but at noon my boss paged the whole office on our phone intercoms and asked who wanted to go out! YAY! He hates leaving the office with no one there and sending calls to voicemail, but we did it anyway and all went to lunch — at Bloomies.  Only my boss decides to eat at a department store! And yes, it was all sweet old ladies there, and us HAHA.  I had a little piece of bread when we first sat down and then proceeded to order an amazing sandwich that had grilled chicken, avocado, cranberries, figs and some other good things that I am clearly forgetting in a sun-dried tomato wrap. AHH it was great! I also got some fries on the side, which I promptly split in half and gave the rest to our just-announced preggers VP.  She is so tiny and healthy and has just started ordering a grilled cheese every afternoon. I love it.  Sometimes work drives me crazy, but the people I work with are pretty darn cool. We had such a good time at lunch together…all of us talking at once and sharing food off each others plates.  It’s cute!

After a fun lunch, the rest of the afternoon went pretty quickly.  I got home and decided to take advantage of the nice weather with my good friend, 2 buck chuck.  Isn’t he sweet??


I had a nice glass outside with a pre-dinner snack, yogurt mess!!!! I made this one slightly smaller than usual just to tide me over to our late dinner. I can’t drink wine and then not eat til 10 PM, just doesn’t happen!!! I think I might turn into this yummy creation, I eat it that much…


Julia and I got all gussied up & as soon as her friend Jen headed over to our place, of course I couldn’t find my wallet.  I looked EVERYWHERE and then drove all the way back to my office…still no wallet. 40 minutes later, I got home and remembered I put it in my gym bag. DUH!!!!!!!! We hollered for a taxi and headed out to Yatai, our fave Asian tapas place.

We started with some cold bamboo sake and beers, but I ended up passing along the sake and drinking most of this Ginger beer and most of the Berry beer we ordered.  Flavored beer rocks!!


For dinner, Julia and I split a bunch of the dishes we order every time, including the best CA roll in all existance.


And some insanely delicious crispy rice with spicy tuna.


Plus a newcomer to the usual rotation, tempura pumpkin with curry salt. OMFG.


Last but absolutely definitely not least, popcorn shrimp. I wish I could share a bite of this with everyone!!


After our amazing meal, we headed back down to Santa Monica Blvd and Bar Lubitsch, which is luckily right by our apt and an easy walk home at the end of the night.  Julia, Jen & I enjoyed a few free shots with Jen’s friends and some dancing.  Jules and I ended the night with some extra-flirty action on our parts. I may have gotten a text at 3 AM about my great looking ass, but of course, that was just factual reporting. Obviously. Julia & I smartly stayed awake chatting for a while after we got home, and I made us La Tortillas toasted with a bit of Chocolate Dreams. Perfect for sweet dreams to follow!


Three Things for Friday

  1. Shared my fries at lunch
  2. Ordered my wrap without cheese or dressing
  3. Split all my dinner plates with Julia

We woke up Saturday morning needing BREAKFAST stat. I actually slept until 9, which is possibly the latest I’ve slept in years. We headed out to Venice to check out Flake, a really cute cereal restaurant. 


While you can order eggs & such, the star of Flake is the huge list of cereals and toppings!!  I got a bowl with one scoop frosted mini wheats, one scoop raisin bran, topped with bananas and blueberries and served with skim milk.  This place is perfect for when you are craving some cereal but don’t necessarily want to go out and get a whole box of just one kind. And it surprisinly held me over for a really long time!


All mixed up!!!!!


Plus a really frothy non-fat chai latte on the side. 


Here’s where I become a bad food blogger, no pictures of the rest of Saturday, sorry!!! So after breakfast, I headed down to Laguna Beach for Becky’s big going-away party.  I got to the beach at that awkward time when it’s too late for lunch but eating a big meal would spoil my dinner. Luckily, I had a Nature’s Valley bar in my beach bag, probably from last summer. Whatever, it did the trick! It wasn’t hot at the beach, but we played some bocce ball and the sun came out around 4, so we got a few rays!

Back at the house, we raided Becky’s closet filled with lots of things she can’t take to NYC (I scored tons of cute clothes and a pair of Gucci heels that are a wee bit too big but I’m determined to make fit anyway!!) and drank the house Cosmo Lights while doing our fashion show.  A ton more people showed up, including Becky’s friends from high school and friends of the family.  Her dad made an awesome taco bar with tortillas, chicken, rice & beans, homemade guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa & cheese.  I had two tortillas plus a few handfuls of chips with the killer guac. He made a HUGE container, which the party devoured in no time!!!  The food fest was followed by many games of beer pong in the front yard. I promise I will take pictures of the next Laguna weekend to share with y’all!!!!  We also made Becky cry when we gave her the scrapbook made secretly during the party, where everyone made a page with photos and notes, like a way-cooler yearbook.  I am going to miss her so much!!!

Julia came down when she got off work, carrying a big bag of muffins from her restaurant. Perfect to fill our bellies before bed 🙂 Sunday morning, I woke up and settled down in the living room with another half muffin (strawberry, MMM) and Twilight #3.  Julia woke up a little bit later and we snuck out of the house for a bit to pick up coffees and flowers for Kate & Becky’s mom.  I called my mom too and she got my package and loved it!  I was sad that I couldn’t be there with her to make her breakfast in bed and spend the day together but I talked to her at least 5 times so it felt like I was there a little bit 🙂


When J & I got back to the Laguna house from our errands, everyone else was awake and Becky was whipping up a huge breakfast for her parents and the little group of us that spent the night.  The spread included a gorgeous Mexican frittata…


…lots of bagels…


…and tons of toppings, like smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and capers!!



My brain was bigger than my belly, and I topped two big bagel halves and cut a little slice of frittata.  I ate one of the bagel sandwiches and most of the frittata.  It was amazing!


After our big meal, we all just laid around and read books for a bit, waiting for the sun to come out.  When it looked like the clouds were sticking around for the rest of the day, we all gave Becky big kisses and headed back to LA.  I brought along the other half of my bagel, which made for a perfect late lunch when I got back to the city.


The rest of the day was spent cleaning my room, doing laundry, attempting to blog, and finishing off Twilight #3 in between.  Throughout the rest of the day, I sporadically snacked on a few different things, including strawberries,


5 leftover TJ multigrain & flaxseed crackers with hummus,


salad with baked tofu,


some shirataki tofu noodles mixed with 1/4 cup tomato sauce, basil, S & P,


and the final scoop of TJ organic soy-creamy non-ice cream ice cream.


Man, I love the weekend!  Sunday nights are always so relaxing and bittersweet at the same time, you know??  This week is looking pretty busy because I have a lot to get done before leaving Thursday night for Boston to see my Rachiekins! Hope you are all having a good Monday, can’t wait to catch up on your fun lives 🙂

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Skipped the Lucky Charms & Cinnamon Toast Crunch @ Flake
  2. Ate a light snack between breakfast and dinner so I wouldn’t fill up
  3. Cut my Cosmo in half with soda water

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Saved half of my breakfast for lunch
  2. Made salad & shirataki instead of continuing to snack
  3. Ate a healthy dessert portion (you can’t tell from the picture, but I just had one scoop and then closed down the kitchen!)

Just kidding about catching those rays! As the lovely Caroline pointed out to me… “wait, isn’t it supposed to rain this weekend?”…Ryan Seacrest is a BIG FAT LIAR and it’s actually supposed to be 60 and raining. Boo, hiss!!

I kicked off Thursday (can I rename this day to Almost Friday??) with my yogurt mess.


Today I knocked some magazine reading off my to-do list. I had a huge pile to get through! Think this times 20. I know, such a hard task 🙂


For lunch, I started with some cinnamon-doused fuji apple slices, which I ate while reading about Chef Chris Bianco’s delicious pizzas. I can’t wait to try his dough recipe!


I also had spinach, grape tomatoes and mushrooms tossed in some light balsamic and topped with my leftover bean burgers.


I saved some of the burgers to eat along with a sweet potato. This lunch was super filling!


At 2, we all got booted out of the office for a building fire drill.  We had to walk down from the 14th floor…YAY for boosting my heart rate!  It was super long, which was annoying, but we got to spend 40 minutes outside, which was nice 🙂

I grabbed an iced coffee from Coffee Bean because I really needed the caffeine boost.


I got a second boost with my pre-workout snack, the Fiber One Chocolate Mocha bar.


After work, I was having one of those days where I really wasn’t feeling the gym.  So I made a bargain with myself to do 30 minutes.  Plus, I am out of Kashi and the grocery store is next to the gym 🙂

After my half hour on the elliptical, I headed home for a good free weights workout.  This is one thing I really want to add back into my routine!

For dinner, I decided to make chicken potstickers, veggie eggroll, edamame and broccoli.  I cooked the potstickers in 1 tbsp soy sauce to get them extra flavorful!



This ENTIRE dinner, complete with the soy sauce for cooking, comes to 460 calories. Pretty good, right?! Much better than if I ordered from a Chinese restaurant for sure.

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Ordered iced coffee instead of a latte
  2. Bargained with myself to do 30 minutes at the gym AND a free weight session
  3. Decided I was full enough after dinner to skip dessert!

Tomorrow night I am hoping for a relaxing evening, maybe with Bride Wars and another calzone. I have been oddly tired this week and am in need of a major lazy Friday night!

I actually made some progress on my work today — always a good thing!!!  Breakfast was the usual 🙂


For lunch, I heated up some Indian food that I cooked last night — Tasty Bite Punjab Eggplant with a serving of brown rice and a side of veggies.


It was pretty good and sort of spicy. I got this at Fresh & Easy and it made 2 servings at 140ish calories each!!


Of course, I went shopping on my lunch break and didn’t get back to the office to eat until 2 and I was WAY past the hungry point.  So right after I finished my lunch, I dug into my pre-workout snack — a chocolate mocha Fiber One bar.  This is the first time I’ve had this flavor and I wasn’t disappointed!  The PB is still my absolute favorite, but this one definitely gets second place.  The mocha was a great extra 🙂


Orange you glad I painted my nails this fun shade??? HAHAHAHA, I’m so funny.

After work, I hit the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. I found some Fine Young Cannibals to rock out to on my iPod, old-schooL!!  For dinner, I made a quick salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, and Catalina free dressing to get something in my stomach before showering.


After my shower, I cooked up a batch of black/kidney bean burgers.  1 cup of beans made 4 burgers, two for tonight and two for tomorrow.  They didn’t stick together all that well, but they still tasted good!  Especially drizzled with Bone Suckin’ Sauce.


Right now I am watching last night’s Law & Order SVU while eating a little dessert. This cup of ice cream with 2 dried cantaloupe pieces is DEEElicious!


Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Ate the lunch I brought from home instead of picking up food from a restaurant with everyone else (yes, my office eats out a lot!)
  2. Tricked my hungry tummy with a mug of tea instead of another snack before going to the gym
  3. Skipped the carb-y side with dinner

The weekend is almost here! It’s supposed to be warm again, so I am crossing my fingers for the beach! Anyone else planning to catch some rays?

Clearly I didn’t get to the store last night for yogurt or kashi, because breakfast today was a packet of apple cinnamon low sugar oatmeal with a banana cut up and mixed in while cooking. The banana was decently ripe, so this bowl was especially fluffy and sweet!


For lunch, I had a side salad and the Chicken Pasta Pomodoro Kashi frozen meal.  I really wasn’t in love with this, but I do like the pasta a lot and the 19 grams of protein keep me full forever!



My dinner tonight was awesome! I made black/kidney bean veggie burgers again and they totally ROCKED!!!  This time, I used black & kidney beans, mushrooms, red pepper slices, onion, basil, red pepper flakes, bread crumbs, egg white, and BBQ sauce.  I shaped 4 burgers so I still have some for lunch tomorrow!  I put the burgers on top of some lettuce and topped them with TJ tomato & basil hummus.  This combo is BOMB!! If you have never had hummus on your veggie burgers, do it now!  I also sliced and baked a sweet potato for the side.


After dinner, I swung by India’s house to watch her show — it’s super funny!!  She also made my muffins for the office brunch tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to do it when I got home 🙂

For dessert, I had the other half of my froyo. Just as good the next day!


I’d love to stay and chat for a bit, but I am so sleepy right now!!! Leaving you with my three things 🙂

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Got a Kashi frozen meal instead of the Amy’s I wanted to try because there was a lot less calories and much more protein in the Kashi
  2. Passed on the chocolate almond toffee one of our clients brought into work today
  3. Skipped the chocolate chip muffins at India’s house