This week feels like it’s off to a slow start! Work is dragging like whoa. Monday morning I woke up at 5 AM feeling sick and was up for a bit, but felt much better by the time I got into the office and dug into my yogurt mess.


A little before noon, I had my Chocolate Chip Z-Bar from Saturday for some pre-workout fuel.


Yup, I tried to make a gym stop during lunch on Monday!  I was able to hit the elliptical for 30 minutes, which was great, but I was racing back and forth between the office and the gym, and it still took me more than an hour.  So it looks like going to the gym during lunch isn’t going to work, but at least I gave it a try and found that out!

I took my really sore ankles and calves over to Coral Tree Cafe and treated myself to my favorite no-mayo tuna salad.


After work, Kate came over with a nice bottle of red from TJ. I had a small glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while cooking up dinner.  Julia, Kate and I split a baked acorn squashed stuffed with 2 servings of quinoa cooked with raisins & figs, 2 chile lime chicken burgers and one beef burger.  We ended up only making two servings of everything, but it made more than enough food for all three of us.  The acorn squash turned out perfect!


After dinner, we watched last week & last night’s Gossip Girl while eating dessert, which was a whole variety of treats.  I had some more s’more (haha) ice cream with one of Julia’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


Plus a few slices of dried cantaloupe. I was way too stuffed after all this…definitely too many sweets!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Attempted to workout at lunch
  2. Ordered salad dressing on the side & only used half
  3. Limited myself to one small glass of wine

If I am going to be totally honest with myself though (and with you!!), I think this was my worst day of “three things” thus far.  Aside from the salad dressing at lunch, I didn’t feel like I was making conscious healthy choices, especially when it came to dessert.  I gave all those snacks last night some serious consideration as I was eating them, but I ate too many sweets anyway.  I want to be able to name off three good choices every day without having to think long and hard about it, so I will definitely keep working on that 🙂

I woke up tired again today! Luckily another yogurt mess was there to the rescue. Today I added in some figs after enjoying them so much in my dinner last night.


Lunch was a random mishmash of food I grabbed as I literally ran out the door.  It ended up being surprisingly delicious!  I had a serving of breaded eggplant, a nuked sweet potato, and a fuji apple.


Lunch held me over pretty well actually! Around 3:30 I had a pre-workout snack of ak-mak crackers with hummus. I love that this combo is under 150 calories!


Unfortunately, I was pretty hungry again by the time I hit the gym but I refrained from snacking and did 60 minutes on the elliptical. My ankles are feeling much better today, which makes working out a lot easier! I also had a new book with me, Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion, which helped the time pass quickly.

For dinner tonight, I was totally inspired by Kath’s calzones and decided to use one of my leftover dough balls from Sunday to make one.  I stuffed the homemade honey rosemary whole wheat dough with 1/4 cup sauce, 1/4 part skim shredded mozzarella cheese, basil, 3 chopped mushrooms and a big handful of spinach.  Here’s the calzone pre-folding…


…and after baking!



This is the first time I have ever made a calzone and I think it turned out pretty great!  It’s weird how you can use the exact same ingredients you use to make a pizza, yet the end result seems to taste so much different. I also had a few veggies on the side.


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Passed on ordering in Chipotle at lunch
  2. Refrained from drinking diet soda (I usually don’t drink this at work, but I had a huge craving for it today but made myself drink tea instead)
  3. Had a small glass of milk instead of dessert before going to bed

Okay you guys, it’s LATE and I’m needing some sleep.  Will I ever get to bed before midnight??  Hmmm, let me go ponder that question while catching those zzzs.  By the way, thoughts on TBL?!?!


I am so tired today! My yogurt mess breakfast hit the spot as usual. This one had vanilla yogurt, half banana, half cup kashi, and 1 cup TJ’s mangolicious blend.


By the time lunch came around, I was super hungry. I got a foot long turkey & veggie Subway sandwich, with half to eat for lunch today and another half for tomorrow. Plus some diet Pepsi and BBQ Baked Lays.


And I had half a red pepper that I brought from home. Usually I get green peppers, but I’ve been craving red ones lately!


Someone brought a box of Girl Scout cookies into the office, so I had just one of these Tagalongs. My first and maybe only GS cookie of the season! I love eating the PB right in the center last 🙂


I decided to skip the gym after work as my left foot is really hurting me when I walk, I think just from all the walking I did on Saturday.  It’s pretty sore, and I’m guessing the gym just would have made it worse. Instead I came home (while the sun was still out, YAY!) and had some frozen edamame while reading a book. I love frozen veggies! I had this cup times 2.


Then I did 25 minutes of yoga from On Demand Exercise TV. There is one session that’s all twists that’s nice to do when I want some good deep stretches, like tonight.  For dinner, I just couldn’t decide on anything.  I ended up making 1/4 cup quinoa with some celery, carrots, garlic, and basil. It was MEH. Not bad tasting at all, I just didn’t really want it after I cooked it, but I went ahead and ate it anyway.


So I decided to have something that I am ALWAYS craving. Yes, yogurt & fruit & kashi. I possibly might eat too much of this stuff…


I had all this goodness plus a little piece of banana and another few handfuls of kashi. Now I am pretty full on cereal, but still feeling snackish, but I’m blogging now so I can tell myself, no more pictures, kitchen closed!! I am gonna make myself get ready for bed instead — so tired…