Happy Belated St. Patty’s! Sorry for the late post but I wasn’t exactly up for blogging last night, as you will soon see 🙂

Wednesday morning, I had the usual yogurt mess for breakfast.  Sadly, I was still out of Kashi and had finished up the biscuits, so I was stuck with Fiber One for crunch. Not the same!! Now that I am used to my Honey Almond Flax, nothing else compares…


For lunch, I heated up a Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza, with added mushrooms and red onion. Pretty tasty!


I also had some bright green grapes. AH grapes!


After lunch, I was craving chocolate. Luckily I keep the office well stocked! I had a piece of Dove dark chocolate and some diet hot cocoa.


Dove told me to laugh 🙂


I STILL had the munchies, so I had my afternoon snack extra early.


By the end of the afternoon, I wanted to snack some more but knew I probably shouldn’t eat again so I just held out until after the gym. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical before heading home to get ready for a fun night out!! For dinner, I had some broccoli with S+P and a bowl of mango.



ANNNNND CEREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think I could face another day without Kashi in my yogurt, so I stocked up on some more, plus some Fresh & Easy organic O’s…and then Julia brought me some PB Puffins! This bowl was heaven 🙂


So good in fact, that I had to have a little more.


After eating, Julia and I got decked out in green and went out to celebrate the holiday! It was sort of last minute, but we couldn’t justify NOT going out I guess. We started with a shot of JD at the apt and then walked to Barney’s Beanery.


The place was packed, as was expected, but with lame guys, which was not what we wanted! We stayed for one green-colored drink and then walked up to the Sunset Strip.  We passed bar after bar but none seemed quite right…we were about to head back home when we spotted Bar Marmont! Score! This bar is next to Chateau Marmont, the swanky celeb hotel, and is very pretty. The ceiling is covered in little butterflies 🙂 Here is a picture I found online to give you an idea!


So we upgraded from Barney’s and were treated to many green drinks the rest of the night. Perhaps one too many rounds was bought for us? Because when we got home, I crawled into bed with this guy —


Yes, I got this box last night and it is halfway gone!!  In fact, I had been planning on including some Puffins in my yogurt mess but ate soooo many that the thought of more just wasn’t appealing. I know, can you believe it?! Puffin-overload aside, this was a good breakfast! Mango and kashi are two of my faves.


We had a loooong client meeting and I was super hungry by the time we got to eat. Lunch today was a can of Progresso Minestrone soup and 1 serving Kashi cheddar crackers.


Plus a Granny Smith apple w/cinnamon and a piece of watermelon & pineapple.


I was hungry again early today and had my afternoon snack not long after lunch. Since we had fruit and breakfast items at our meeting but I had already eaten, I held back but snagged two of these yummy PB rollups. Made with whole wheat tortilla, natural PB, dried cranberries, and golden raisins, these are office favorites and always the first to go!


We got out of work an hour early today (whoohoo!!!) because President Obama is in LA and speaking at the hotel right near my office. Since they closed down the road leading into our office complex, we had to peace out early to avoid being blocked in. Sadly, the roads are also supposed to be closed 8-10 tomorrow, meaning I have to get into work by 7:30. AND I have a work event tomorrow too, of which I am partly in charge, so tomorrow is looking like a 7:30 AM – 10 PM kind of day. Ick!!! Anyway, we all raced out as soon as our boss gave the all clear and I rolled down the windows and took in some sun! Doesn’t CA just make you happy??






I went to the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical, then headed home for The Biggest Loser and this yummy salad.


I also munched on some frozen edamame while watching (haha you can see it in the background!).


For dinner, I was dying to try Wholly Guacamole 100-calorie packs that I picked up at the grocery store a few days ago.  I am not always the biggest fan of 100-cal packs simply because I’d rather just portion out a serving myself than pay top dollar for pre-made baggies, but guac is one thing that is VERY hard for me to eat the “right” amount.


I ended up going simple: Two 50-cal La Tortilla Factory tortillas, 1/2 cup black beans, 1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese & one 100-cal serving guac. Here’s half!


The guacamole was sooooooo good! I definitely think I will be buying these again. I ate the other serving after running a few errands, sort of a dinner part 2 since I knew I would be hungry again. Now I am finishing up a mug of rooibos tea and some stray mango cubes from the ones I just cut for breakfast…

It’s gonna be a long one tomorrow!! The event will hopefully be fun though; it’s my first one with this current job, so I’m a little nervous and excited. Maybe I can even take some good pictures under the guise of taking them for the client 🙂

Have a great Thursday!! SO CLOSE to the WEEKEND!!!!


Monday morning I dug into the yogurt again as usual.  I am out of most of my frozen fruit though, so I just had half banana, nectarine slices, pineapple and kashi in this one. Still no coffee…I HAVE to do a Target run!! It was kinda stinky being at work on Presidents’ Day, especially since all the rain outside made it a perfect snuggle-in-bed kind of morning! Sadly, the office was there waiting for me at 8AM.


For lunch I brought a BIG green salad, with spinach, snap peas, green beans, and peppers, plus tomatoes and red onions for a little color pop.


I keep one of those 1-calorie salad sprays at work for convenience.  The taste is totally different from creamy salad dressing of course, but it gives some nice extra flavor and the spritzer bottle is easy to use when I’m at the office. Right now I have Ken’s Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette.


After my greens, I had a plate of mixed goodies, including a Perfect 10 bagel with about 1 tbsp hummus, two slices of white american cheese (I bought 1/4 lb last weekend and I still have 2 slices left!!), and 1/2 serving of BBQ popped chips.


Of course I was craving chocolate, so I dipped into my Dove dark stash and ate one of these guys.


I tried to wait until I got home from work to snack, since I was going to dinner instead of going to the gym, but I got pretty hungry in the afternoon so I had half of this Power Bar that I got for free.  The flavor says Chocolate Peanut Butter but I couldn’t taste either of those! It just had that gritty taste and really wasn’t very good. I wish I had wasted those calories (120 for just half!!) on something better!


After work, me, Julia, Ali, Katie Jo and Becky sipped a glass of wine while having a little girl talk/catch up session at our place before going out to dinner. I love these girls 🙂


Since Ali is here visiting, the five of us + Courtney hit up our favorite Asian tapas place Yatai that Ali discovered/introduced us all to when she first lived in LA. The food here is INCREDIBLE! I started with a berry beer. Not a big beer fan in general, but this one has just the right amount of sweet.


Followed by miso soup.  This was the first time I ordered it here and it was excellent!


And some edamame to start. Yum, salty.

yatai edamame

We always order the same 3 dishes and get enough for everyone to share. Since we ended up ordering 3 of each order, we probably could have mixed it up a bit but these three are totally killer.

I had two (and a half!) of these CA rolls wrapped in soy paper

yatai CA roll

Plus 2 & 1/2 of the crispy rice with spicy tuna, one of Yatai’s specialties!

yatai crispy rice

And half of this popcorn shrimp:

yatai popcorn shrimp

How good does that look??

yatai popcorn shrimp closeup

It was great getting together with the girls! I would say that we don’t do it often enough, but actually we do it all the time LOL. Like, tomorrow night for example! Afterwards, a few of us hit up a whisky bar downtown to celebrate KJ’s boyfriend’s band signing to a label — WHOOHOO! I didn’t have anything to drink but I did shoot a few games of pool. I sunk 4 in a row my first time up!! Not to brag or anything…hahaha 🙂

Of course I had to treat myself to half a mug of the diet hot choc and two of these decadent chocolates before sleep. Russell Stover hearts are my all time favorites!


So my computer is still on the fritz. I don’t know if it will start working again! None of my amazing pics from yesterday, sad. Luckily my roommate is the best and is letting me bum her comp right now. I had coffee and an extra-fruit packed yogurt for breakfast, with mango, pineapples, cherry berry blend, half banana, and half cup kashi.


Lunch today was a Perfect 10 bagel, toasted (aka burned), with turkey and spinach. Plus a serving of bbq popped chips (all these for 120 cals) and a lovely side salad. This guy had spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and green beans.


For dessert I had some tea and one of these dove dark chocolates.  I was hungry again later in the afternoon but since I had drinks planned instead of the gym, I just stuck to the one little sweet treat.


After work, I met up with a former colleague who I hadn’t seen in ages for a catch up session.  We went to Lola’s, a great martini bar that’s literally across the street from my apartment.  They do a killer happy hour!! We each had two glasses of champagne and split two apps too, the hummus with pita and the spinach dip with chips. This hummus is great. I feel like I am always saying that. Maybe just all hummus is delicious?! We ate basically everything minus some of the leftover tortilla chips 🙂


Later at home I decided to indulge in a little dessert before bed.  I took a nice scoop of the fat free chocolate cookies Breyers and topped it with some frozen mango. I could have eaten this times 3 LOL


Today I got to show off my new haircut!! Everyone seemed to like it…I am still getting used to it, but I’m definitely ready to rock it. Here is a lil self portrait 🙂


Tomorrow we are having a new client (!!!!!!) come in for lunch at our office. Normally I would be nervous about a lunch buffet, but one of our other clients is providing all the food and everything they make is HEALTHY!! Lots of fresh fruit and whole grains in store 🙂 This was a long Monday but I feel a lot better now that the week is truly underway. Night all!

Sorry for the belated post!  I woke up with a sore throat yesterday, one of those that just seems to feel progressively worse every hour.  I drank SOOO many mugs of tea yesterday LOL. I started out with a modified breakfast, since my not feeling so great made me late getting out the door!  I had the other 1/2 of my Western Bagel with hummus, plus a yogurt w/half a banana on top.  Not as good as my yogurt mess, but I love this bagel/hummus combo!


I didn’t have time to pack a lunch in my mad rush to get out the door either, so I pulled a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer at work.  I am not the biggest fan of frozen entrees simply because I am weird about eating the meat in them, but this one is so delish — three cheese ravioli bowl.  With 240 calories and 6g of fat, this is one of my lunch standbys for when I don’t have time to make something the night before.


Its very cheesey, and there are lots of green veggies in this one!


Plus a salad on the side. My mushrooms are really on their last leg here…


Of course I had to end with something sweet!  I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE 🙂


Later in the afternoon I was fading fast so I munched on this Kashi and about ten million gallons of chamomile.


I decided to skip exercise since my throat felt awful and I just felt all-around sick in general.  I planned to do laundry and some yoga instead, but by the time I got home…let’s just say I planted myself on the couch with a book and that was that!

Pre-dinner I snacked on some grapes.  Then I decided to go with a sickie standby — soup and bread.  I had a bowl of french onion soup with another Western Bagel (half with hummus, half plain for dipping) on the side. Perfect.


After dinner, Kate came over to watch Monday night’s Gossip Girl but of course our DVR taped it scratchy and fuzzy AGAIN because our cable is terrible.  So Julia and I decided to drag our butts off the couch and head to Kate’s to watch it there.  Of course some throat soothing ice cream was added incentive to leave the apt!


Sorry about the fuzzy picture!  This guy was huge and so delicious.  I got peanut butter, bavarian mint, and chocolate pecan flavors.  The flavors ranged from 8-25 calories per ounce. Love that!! We also got a side of V-day sprinkles to get in the spirit of looooove.


I ate a LOT of mine, but still have some for tomorrow — sweet! Here is the bit on the bottom…I tried to finish but I couldn’t eat one more bite.